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Onions Make Weight Loss Easier

Onions Make Weight Loss Easier

Do you think onions are only good for cancer? Onion, which has miraculous effects from colds to cholesterol, also facilitates weight loss.

Onion and its Benefits

Since it has anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects, it protects our body against colds, cancer and infections. In addition, positive effects of onions on cholesterol level, sugar regulation and blood pressure have been observed in many studies. The Saponin substance in onions also has a facilitating effect on weight loss. In many studies, it has been determined that the risk of stomach cancer is reduced in people who consume onions in high amounts. The flavonoid guercetin found in onions neutralizes powerful carcinogens and tumor triggers. Guercetin specifically prevents the growth of estrogen-sensitive cells that cause breast cancer. It is among the top cancer-fighting foods examined by the National Cancer Institute.

Onions Make Weight Loss Easier

In order to benefit from the positive effects of onions on our health, we should eat at least 1 piece every day. There are many studies showing that people who regularly eat 1 piece a day increase their good cholesterol called HDL and lower their bad cholesterol called LDL.

To Eat 1 Onion Every Day:

Onion contains many sulfur-containing compounds and complex formations whose structure is still unknown. These formations are; It makes it difficult to consume onions, especially for people with sensitive stomachs and digestive problems such as gastritis reflux.

To consume onion easily and comfortably;

Cook your vegetable dishes with plenty of onions, but do not fry the onions in oil and burn them. Burnt onions are more difficult to digest. The effectiveness of useful structures in it is reduced.

Onions Make Weight Loss Easier

Add it to your meat and meat dishes.

Add it to the soups during boiling and pass it through the blender. It gives a taste and has a relaxing effect on your digestion.

Add onion grated or dry powdered onions to your meatballs you make at home.

Make your pasta with lots of vegetables and onions.

Prefer your bulgur pilaf with plenty of onions and vegetables.

While grilling, cook the onion with its skin on it. In this way, it will be easier to digest and relax your stomach.

Add some green onions to your salads at every meal.