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Foods That Protect Your Oral and Dental Health

Miraculous Foods That Protect Your Oral and Dental Health

Eating is an indispensable activity in the flow of life. In terms of oral and dental health, the food we take during the day has a great place. Some of the foods and drinks we consume can be beneficial for oral and dental health, while others can be harmful. It is useful to start with the nutrients necessary for dental health, which are friendly to our teeth:

Foods That Protect Your Oral and Dental Health

Milk and milk products

Milk and dairy products are the most beneficial nutrients for oral, dental and gingival health due to beneficial minerals such as calcium and phosphate. For this reason, we must make room for these products on our table.

Milk: We all know the benefits of milk for bones, but do we know that it is good for gum health? Due to the calcium in its content, milk strengthens the jawbone like other bones in our body. Regular consumption of milk as a part of your daily dental care will be beneficial for your dental health.

Cheese: Cheese, whose benefits we know in daily life, helps to adjust the PH balance of the mouth, as it has a basic structure, and it is one of the foods that prevents the formation of new caries in my mouth by fighting against cavities. It is necessary to be careful about consuming 1 piece of cheese, especially after foods containing sugar, so that the damage caused by sugar on the teeth is prevented to some extent and a precaution is taken against cavities that may occur on the teeth.

Yogurt: Yogurt, which contains plenty of calcium, is a very useful food for oral and dental health. It is especially recommended for people who have discomfort in their gums for tooth root inflammations. The calcium contained in yogurt is very successful in curing tooth flaking caused by gingival disorders and thus helps prevent you from experiencing tooth loss.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very important foods for oral and dental health due to the high amount of water, vitamins and minerals they contain.

Parsley: It is your biggest assistant in bad breath. Consuming some parsley after foods that leave an odor in the mouth such as onions and garlic will help you get rid of the smell and leave a nice smell in your mouth.

Celery: Due to its structure, we perform more chewing functions when consuming celery compared to other foods, and as a result, more saliva is secreted. Saliva helps bacteria that provide an environment for caries to lose their function. In addition, fibrous foods such as celery massage the gums to relax and help to clean the residues between the teeth.

Kiwi: Due to the vitamin C it contains, this fruit helps prevent tooth sensitivity that occurs in vitamin C deficiency.

Apple: The apple, which experts recommend to eat by biting, strengthens the teeth due to its hard structure and peel and helps to clean the teeth.

Orange: Strengthens the connective tissue, is effective in maintaining the health of the gums and preventing gingivitis. With the fluorine it contains, it contributes to the hard structure of the teeth and protects against intraoral acids.

Strawberry: The very popular strawberry is also a very useful fruit for mouth, teeth and gum health. The acids in its structure clean the tartar and help prevent the formation of new ones.

Banana: The peel of this fruit, which is harmful to consume too much due to the high amount of sugar it contains, has a surprising effect on the natural whiteness of the teeth.

Other Nutrients

Water: Saliva prevents tooth decay, consuming plenty of water also helps to prevent caries formation by increasing the saliva level. In addition, water, which is indispensable for daily life, is also effective in cleaning food residues accumulated in the mouth.

Fish: Phosphorus, which is abundant in fish, is one of the basic building blocks of bones and teeth. The omega 3 oils found in fish help prevent gingival recession and are effective in curing other gingival problems. We recommend that you eat fish at least once a week for oral and dental health, especially in children, oily fish such as mackerel and salmon should be preferred in order to support tooth development. In terms of high vitamin D content, salmon is one of the most important foods for oral and dental health.

Nuts: The natural oils contained in nuts strengthen the tooth enamel, reduce the formation of caries and increase the resistance of the teeth, especially against caries. However, these oils also coat the tooth and form a protective layer against bacteria.

Green tea: The catechin contained in green tea has antibacterial properties and helps to destroy the bacterial layer in the mouth. In addition, green tea has a protective role against cancer due to its antioxidant properties and helps to prevent oral cancer, such as all types of cancer. Green tea is also effective in preventing bad breath, just like parsley.

The recommendations in this content are recommendations only. Please consult your dentist for a personalized treatment process.