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K-Pop Diet- Easy Weight Loss

K-Pop Diet- Easy Weight Loss

K-Pop Diet

It performs fast fat burning by incorporating different food groups every day. It facilitates digestion and helps to remove toxins. It adopts a low-calorie stance by avoiding processed fat, protein, and carbohydrates. By creating a detox effect with low-calorie foods, it improves the fat-burning ability and capacity of the metabolism. Detoxification is also provided with high fiber sources and abundant water consumption. It contains foods rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium.

K-Pop Diet List

1 day
On the first day, only fruit should be consumed. It is free to consume the desired amount of fruit. The only fruit that should not be eaten is the banana. You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Also, some fruits can be pureed in the blender and transported in a thermos.

2 days
On the second day, only raw vegetables should be consumed. It is free to consume a lot of vegetables. You can start the day with boiled potatoes with butter and chili peppers. All vegetables can be prepared as a salad. Vinegar, lemon and spices can be used for the sauce. It is forbidden to use ready-made salad dressing.

3 days
On the third day, vegetables and fruits can be consumed as much as desired, except for bananas. Fruit and vegetables can be combined in meals. If desired, it can be mixed and consumed in a blender. Absolutely no bananas or potatoes should be eaten.

4 days
Plenty of skim milk and bananas can be consumed on this day. Since milk and banana are free on the fourth day, they can also be eaten by combining them. 7-8 bananas and 4 glasses of skim milk can be consumed. The combination of potassium in bananas and calcium in milk makes the balance healthy.

5 days
Lean meat, chicken or fish and tomatoes can be consumed as desired. On the fifth day, water intake should be increased by at least 1/4 to cleanse the body of uric acid.

6 days
Eating lots of lean red meat and vegetables is allowed. Lean protein and vegetables can be consumed as much as desired.

7 days
Plenty of vegetables and fruits can be consumed. Whole wheat rice is also free. It is necessary to make sure that the juice is not sugar-added and concentrated.