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How To Do The Jimin Diet? BTS Diet List

How To Do The Jimin Diet? BTS Diet List

How To Do The Jimin Diet? BTS Diet List

Jimin Diet:

BTS’ Jimin also has a popular diet recipe! During an interview, Jimin said that he wanted to look stunning during BTS’ training so he decided to go on a diet. Unfortunately, Jimin’s diet was also known as one of the most extreme diets!

Jimin revealed that he regularly ate only one meal a day for 10 days in his diet. Not only that, but he drank a lot of water and spent more hours on his diet in dance practice. The diet is really strict and extreme at the same time! Other BTS members wanted him to eat something, but he turned down the offers.

Jimin passed out several times as his body couldn’t get enough energy from a meal. It was also revealed by other BTS members. He also used another diet menu, such as eating two chicken breasts a day and surviving the diet for a year. Due to his extreme diet, not only did he pass out, but BTS’ Jimin also suffered from malnutrition.

However, Jimin’s diet was really extreme and has few bad effects on the body. But there are still some people who have tried Jimin’s diet and have lost weight successfully, and even thought it was risky. Therefore, if you are about to try the diet, please go to a doctor to consult about the diet plan and adjust the methods according to your own body’s needs!

About the MOMOLAND Diet

It’s very common for members of a girl group to go on a diet to prepare for their stage performance like the members of MOMOLAND! The MOMOLAND members have revealed their diet plans to prepare for their comeback whenever they want and at the same time maintain their lean and healthy body!

The MOMOLAND members continued to eat three times a day, but only ate 200g skinless chicken breast for breakfast, cucumber for lunch and two apples for dinner. They also drank about two liters of water a day. Since they only have one meal for lunch and dinner, we find this to be extreme, right?

The MOMOLAND members’ diet has also become one of the most popular diets among K-Pop idols, and obviously people are trying the diet plan and successfully losing some weight. If you do it regularly, you can easily lose weight even within a week. Although the MOMOLAND members also said they could eat large amounts of meat, they still had to diet sometimes.