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Skin Brightening Nutrients

How to Achieve Glowing Skin?

You should definitely meet 6 miraculous foods that will nourish your skin, which becomes dry and dull with the cold weather, from the inside and add shine!

You know that we need to nourish our skin, which cannot adapt to seasonal changes as easily as we do, so that it does not dry out and become dull. In addition to the skin care products you use, you should feed your skin from the inside, both by drinking two liters of water a day and consuming foods that will add shine to the skin, especially during these periods. If you were to ask what are the foods that will add glow to the skin, we researched and found it. From the very beginning, we should say that everything is in red. ? We gave the hint, the rest is hidden in the rest of our article.


The benefits of tomatoes, which are rich in vitamins A and C, do not end with counting. Consisting of 94% water, it is very useful for the moisture that your skin needs. Packed with many antioxidants, including potassium, phosphorus, folic acid, carotene and lutein, the skin health benefits of tomatoes are endless. A warm tomato soup, which is carefully boiled and canned, especially in the summer months, will be very good for both your skin and your stomach.


We did not say for nothing that everything is in red. We know one thing and we said it. By activating the lymph nodes in dull and dull skin, beetroot adds glow to the skin and also cleanses the skin of toxins. In our opinion, the fact that he activates the lymph nodes and carries oxygen to the cells turns him into a very veteran. My dear pickled beetroot is also very good.


A must for our salads, avocado’s favorite friend, lemon is also very beneficial for the skin. Aside from its high vitamin C level, it removes fat-soluble toxins from the body, and when you squeeze this yellow sugar (don’t worry about it being sour, the sugar level is also quite high) into a glass of water you drink on an empty stomach in the morning, the radiant appearance of your skin will appear within a week at the latest. You will notice that it will change.

Red Cabbage

Rich in fiber, a source of vitamins A and C, the benefits of red cabbage are endless. It contains sulfur, which we also know as the beauty mineral, and helps to heal oily and acne-prone skin, increasing the glow of the skin. It also adds an incredible flavor to salads.


Papaya, which is a very rich food in terms of antioxidants, is also a storehouse of vitamins A and C. We learn that papaya, which we know as a defense shield against heart health and cancer, has more benefits than this. The seeds of this fruit, which is also very easy to grow, are as useful as itself. Consuming it at least once a week will be very beneficial for both your skin and you.

Red pepper

The benefits of red pepper, which we already love with its stuffing, barbecue fries, and adding flavor to salads, are so many that it makes our stomachs happy. This powerful antioxidant, which contains more vitamin C than lemon and is a source of B6, is an important source of glow that should be consumed at least 2-3 times a week.

As you can understand from this article, there is actually red for your skin. Pay attention to the consumption of red fruits and vegetables, which are very useful in terms of vitamin C, antioxidant and accelerate blood flow, and your skin will always shine brightly!