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What is the Suzy Diet? Diets of K Pop

What is the Suzy Diet? Diets of K Pop

What is the Suzy Diet? Diets of K Pop idols

Next up is the Suzy diet! We’ve seen an extreme diet from IU, meanwhile, Suzy’s diet is known as one of the healthiest diets among famous K-Pop idols! Basically, Suzy enforced time limits for her meals. She ate nothing after 6pm, otherwise she continued to eat regularly and healthily, but controlled her portions.

For breakfast, Suzy ate a piece of skinned chicken breast, sweet potato, and a glass of low-fat milk. He ate a bowl of brown rice and salad for lunch. Meanwhile, he ate only two sweet potatoes for dinner. Overall, Suzy was consuming around 900 calories a day.

Although he only took 900 calories a day, his nutritional needs were met. He was still getting protein, carbs, vitamins and fiber! Suzy’s diet recipe has become really popular because it’s healthy and safe! What’s more, some people have seen good results in just one week using the Suzy diet recipe!

Another advantage of the Suzy diet for those who follow the recipe is that you can add extra herbs to your meal or diversify them with other health ingredients! You will not feel bad during the diet and you will stay healthy!

IU’s Diet

Let’s start with IU’s diet first! This is becoming one of the most popular diets among K-Pop idols as it has been proven that IU can achieve a weight loss of 5kg in just one week! It’s no surprise that there are so many people interested in IU’s diet method and willing to try it.

IU’s diet plan was pretty extreme. One day all he ate for breakfast was a piece of apple, for lunch he only ate two pieces of sweet potato, and for dinner he only had a glass of protein milk. She lost 5 kilos in a week from all these ingredients! It wasn’t magic, but the number of calories he consumed.

Using this diet method, he was consuming only about 500 calories a day. Typically, an adult woman should consume 1,500-3,000 calories per day. Actually this type of diet should only be done for about three days, but IU did it for a week and it resulted in rapid weight loss. But he still uses this diet only for concert or movie shooting preparations. He also explained that he felt very bad during the dieting process.

IU’s diet was getting really popular as a lot of people were interested in losing a lot of weight in a fairly short period of time! However, the IU diet was pretty extreme and for those who want to stick to the diet plan, be sure to consult your doctor before dieting!