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Which Fabrics Should We Prefer in Hot Weather? -Fabric Guide

Fabric Types to Avoid in Summer

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As the weather gets warmer, one of the best ways to get through the sweltering heat is to choose the right clothes to wear. After all, we can say that fabrics are a part of our lives, even the whole area. We are surrounded by fabrics in every aspect of our lives, from our daily clothes to our nightgowns, bedspreads and furniture. Despite the fact that fabrics play such an active role in our lives and have a very important place, unfortunately very few people are aware of the right fabric selection.

In the past, fabrics without materials other than natural fibers were not used. Yarns from which clothes are produced; It is made of fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and hemp. Everything was naturally healthier and whatever people bought, they already chose the natural. Unfortunately, this is not the case nowadays.

In order to make it cheaper, chemical mixture yarns started to be produced. Of course, people stopped looking at the quality, or rather the naturalness, of the clothes and fabrics they bought because they wanted to buy the ones that fit their budget. Maybe he did this unconsciously, but unfortunately that’s the case.

Fabric Guide

In fact, if we look at the labels of the products we buy, they started to be filled with materials such as polyester, acrylic and nylon that are harmful to humanity and nature. In addition, chemical treatments have probably been applied to your shirts and trousers that provide properties such as non-ironing, resistance to wrinkles or stains.

This type of fabric consisting of chemical mixtures adversely affects your health. If you do not want to be in your health, you should choose fabrics made of natural fibers. Here is information about the types of fabrics that threaten your health and should be avoided, especially in summer!

1) Polyester

Unfortunately, such fabrics do not only harm human health but also the environment. Even people who use this type of fabric can suffer from you. Those who do not know can tell what is in this fabric. Unfortunately, this fabric is made of nylon and plastic. There is no one who does not know the damages of plastic and nylon. In fact, they do not disappear in nature for years. You should stay away from these fabrics to protect your health.

2) What is Polyester Fabric?

Fabric Guide

Polyester fabric, unfortunately, is the most used type of fabric in today’s textile products. It is a factory-made fabric that is unnatural like cotton, wool, and silk. Although it is not natural because it is more costly, it is widely used.

Polyester fabric was invented in England in 1940. The fabric gained fame in the 1970s with its advertisement proving that it is stylish without ironing for 68 days.

3) Does Polyester Fabric Make You Sweat?

Polyester fabric type can make you sweat a lot in long-term use. Although it looks beautiful visually, it does not wrinkle very quickly, but has a structure that can cause you to sweat in hot weather. Because the polyester fabric has an airtight effect and gives a feeling of warmth when you wear it.

It will overwhelm and disturb you as it will make you sweat more especially in hot weather in summer. Such fabrics should not be used for health reasons as they affect the ventilation of the skin.

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4) Nylon

I don’t know about you but even hearing their names scares me a little. I can’t imagine those who use it. Nylon is unfortunately made of petroleum.

It is not absorbent, it may cause a rash on your skin as it is not breathing.

5) Rayon

Most of you may not have heard of this fabric blend. More well known were the ones we wrote in the first place. Rayon is recycled wood pulp.

It has been treated with ammonia, acetone and sulfuric acid to resist regular washing and wear.

6) Jeans

This fabric, which is both thick and heavy, is one of the most important fabrics that should not be used in summer because it prevents your body from breathing fully. Since denim is thick and tight, it will negatively affect blood flow.

7) Acrylic

Fabrics made of acrylic silk do not absorb sweat, especially for children, and may cause flu infections by disrupting body temperature. It should not be preferred for children’s clothes. It is carcinogenic as it is the raw material of polymer plastic. Care should be taken when purchasing acrylic fabric as a garment, as it has a non-breathable and sweat-free structure.