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What You Need to Know About Dress and Shoe Fit

How to Choose the Right Shoe

How to Choose the Right Shoe

Women want the attention to be on wherever they go. If he is going to attend an invitation or a special event, he will not approve of the new outfits without rehearsing several times. Once you’ve chosen the right dress for your body, it’s time to choose the right shoes. So how to choose the right shoes for the dress?

Choosing Shoes Compatible with the Dress

One of the points we should pay attention to when choosing shoes is the style of the dress. If the dress you will wear is loose and shabby, you can choose thick heels under this dress. Thick-heeled shoes will support the look of the dress and add a pleasant atmosphere to you. If the shoes you wear are not visible under the dress, you can choose platform heels under the dresses. However, you should not choose thin heels under these dresses. Because thin-heeled shoes offer an old-fashioned and repulsive look in loose dresses. In addition, it was stated that the risk of wearing the long skirt of the dress with thin heels was caused by the enemy.

How to Choose the Right Shoe

If the dress you will wear is tight and covers the body, it would be better to choose thin heels under these dresses. In more romantic dresses, thin heeled shoes will support the air that the dress adds to you and will make you look more pleasant. There are several different types of my thin heels. If the dress you will wear is short, you can choose the thin heeled shoes you will wear under this dress with ankle detail. Ankle-detailed heels look more remarkable under short dresses. Choosing high heels with ankle detail in long dresses will cause the shoes we wear to suffocate in the dress. It will be a little light to prefer normal high heels such as stilettos under evening dresses. Therefore, you can choose ankle detail or thin heels under the evening dresses according to the tone of the dresses.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Evening Wear

How to Choose the Right Shoe

Shoe structure is not the only problem you will encounter when choosing high heels under dresses. However, the color of the shoes and the harmony with the jewelry is of great importance. If you are going to wear a shabby dress, the heeled shoes you choose under this dress can also be in different colors according to the style of the dress. In general, although women prefer high-heeled shoes in the color of the dress they wear, if you support them with appropriate accessories, wearing high-heeled shoes in different colors will provide a more elegant image.

It is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of high-heeled shoes in the evening dresses that cover the body. Because, as in shabby dresses, high-heeled shoes worn under the clothes are not covered by the dress.