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What is the Soyou Diet? K Pop Diet Tips

What is the Soyou Diet? K Pop Diet Tips

Soyou Diet

Soyou Diet: Sistar’s unique vocalist Soyou, who is currently active as a solo singer, is also known for her toned and ideal body figure. Many people have tried his diet menu plan. Here is the list of foods Soyou eats during her diet routine:

In November 2012, Soyou revealed her diet during her hard days in an interview with ‘Star Column’. He said that during his rookie days, all the members, including himself, were dieting. They were all tired and hungry 12 hours after filming the ‘Push Push’ music video, and a food delivery arrived.

They all tended to eat an egg toastie, without anyone noticing, they bought one and shared it together in the bathroom. Soyou says she will never forget the taste of egg toast for the rest of her life.

Soyou reveals that you should take one photo before you start a diet and another in the process. It will help you feel better if you see small changes in the body. The next step is to keep a diet diary. Write down what you eat, the workouts you do, and how you feel each day.

He alleviates his hunger by drinking water and preparing special boxed meals during the diet program. Soyou puts lots of watery fruits and vegetables (like cucumbers) with chicken breasts to satisfy her hunger. He then continued:

“The critical meal is protein and vitamins for the first week of the diet, gradually increasing to protein and carb intake for the following weeks! I also have a sad income from dieting, I feel like I came from outside. I meet people less and sometimes I can’t seduce other members who are diligently eating healthy meals every time I’m with them..”

It also reminds us not to skip exercise while dieting. It is very important to do it regularly. Before going on stage, Soyou would usually work on her bun and hips, put her hands on the wall and raise her legs. She says that after doing all this little exercise, her body line came out well on stage.