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What is the Seolhyun Diet?

Seolhyun Diet

Seolhyun Diet: AOA’s face of the group, Seolhyun is known for her slim and ideal body proportions. Many people, especially women, try to follow his diet program. Curious? Let’s find out more!

During her debut, Seolhyun weighed around 60kg, but she lost 13kg by eating just one meal a day! Here is the conversion below:

What is the Seolhyun Diet?

Seolhyun’s Statements About Viral Diet Program

During the ‘Ask Us Anything’ episode of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers‘, Seolhyun came to the show with group member Jimin and popular comedian Kim Shin Young. He talked about how the three of them got together and ate chicken, pizza and more. “We order whatever we want, like pizza or sashimi with calamari or marinated raw crab,” he said.

When asked about the ‘notoriously strict diets’ of the girl group members, Seolhyun replied, “I don’t think we limit ourselves (AOA members) that much in terms of what we usually eat.”

Seolhyun said in a playful tone that she tried to replace her whenever she had this feast. For example, whenever other friends order fried chicken instead of a baguette, he eats the breast.

When Heechul asked about the famous ‘Seolhyun’s diet plan’, she replied, “There are a lot of rumors about my diet online, but all my so-called diet plans posted online are all lies.”

She then revealed the ‘Seolhyun Diet’ which consists of eating only sweet potatoes, chicken breast and boiled eggs. I don’t like it at all. “I like fried sweet potatoes and fried chicken,” she said to AOA’s face of the group. Seolhyun also said that she works hard.

He then continued, “I’m looking at pictures of me when my real diet trick is in great shape and I’m thinking, ‘I wanted to be like that too. Photography inspired me to work harder.

Luna Diet F(x)

F(x)’s main vocalist and dancer Luna was known for her cute chubby cheeks and muscular yet strong legs. But because of this, he received a lot of negative comments and body shaming from netizens. As a result, Luna began an extreme diet to lose a lot of weight.

In August 2017, Luna shared the secret of her diet program on her YouTube channel show “Luna’s Alphabet”. After its announcement, viewers were shocked because all they consume during the diet is Lemon Green Tea Infused Water!

Luna also shows how she makes brewed lemon green tea juice, first slicing two lemons and squeezing the juice into a large bottle of water. He then puts two more slices of lemon directly into the water bottle.

Then he starts to brew the concentrated green tea for about 20 minutes and puts the tea into the water bottle. Luna told the audience she could drink two 1.5 liters of brewed water, with no other food! With this detox water, Luna would lose 8 pounds (about 18 lb) in a week!

Why can this be just because of this type of water? This is because green tea helps reduce your appetite and even helps your body burn fat faster thanks to a natural chemical called ‘catechin’. Drinking water also helps reduce swelling and prevents us from looking bloated.

Not only focused on diet, Luna also exercised to shape her body and make it healthier than before. During a show called ‘Get It Beauty’ in 2016, Luna publicly shared her workout routine called the ‘Baseball Massage’ method.

She says the method is most helpful for women who want to lose weight in the lower half of their body (especially the hips). First, place two baseballs under your upper hips.



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