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What is the RED Velvet Seulgi Diet? What Can You Eat?

What is the RED Velvet Seulgi Diet? What Can You Eat?

RED Velvet Seulgi Diet

Yet another one of K-Pop idols’ extreme diets, and this time from Red Velvet’s Seulgi! While still a trainee, Seulgi revealed that she used an extreme diet that upset her in the process. Her agency was asking her to lose some weight to debut.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s diet plan was one day that included only soy milk, whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In fact, his weight at that time was not much different from his current weight. But still, her agency wanted her to lose some weight. He also revealed that he only continues to drink soy milk when he gets hungry due to the diet process. She lost about 2 kg from the diet.

How to Do the Jeon Somi Diet?

Jeon Somi Diet: People fell in love with Jeon Somi’s physical appearance, not only her face but also her amazing body shape! She got a great physique from a diet! But still, the diet he used was pretty extreme and potentially left a few bad effects on the body. He also used this diet in his solo debut.

Basically, Jeon Somi’s diet recipe was to only eat bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink lots of water throughout the day! She lost 4 kilos in just one week due to diet. That’s why, although it was difficult when she first started the banana diet, she continues to use the diet from time to time.

Earlier, she explained that she usually finishes three bubble drinks and has a big appetite before she goes on a diet. The diet has become really popular because people are impressed with the results! Jeon So-mi from the diet is about 10 kg! However, because it is excessive, people who want to follow the Jeon Somi diet plan should be aware of the risks.