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What is Nose Filling – How is Nose Filling Applied

The new trend in aesthetic operations is the natural look. People who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose apply to aesthetic treatment methods. Today, rhinoplasty performed without surgical operation is preferred because of its various advantages. The nose filling procedure, which is applied without going under the knife, stands out with its short recovery time. You can get more detailed information to find the answer to the question of what is nasal filling.

What is Nose Filling

What is Nose Filling?

Nasal filling, known as non-surgical rhinoplasty in medical language, is used to correct deformities in the nose. It is applied by injecting special fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) under the skin of the nose by means of a needle. With this operation, asymmetries in the nose and depressions in the nasal arch can be corrected. It is not a surgical application. No incisions are made on the skin. It is a painless and painless method. General anesthesia is not applied, it is not a nose surgery procedure. It is possible to see the results of the procedure immediately. The recovery period is short. The patient can continue his daily life immediately after the operation. Nose filling is a temporary method. Since it is not a surgical method, the risk of developing complications is low, but in case of a negative situation, it is appropriate to perform the procedure in a full-fledged hospital.

What is Nose Tip Filling?

The nose filling method also includes nasal tip filling. It is preferred by people who have a low nose tip or who have deformities at the tip of the nose while smiling. During the procedure, the filler is injected under the skin at the tip of the nose. Thus, the tip of the nose has a more upturned appearance.

How is Nose Filling Applied?

Patients who want to have nose filling undergo a detailed doctor’s examination. If the conditions are suitable, the operation is decided as a result of the examination. Before the nose filling procedure, the patient and the physician make a plan together. The parts of the nose that the patient complains about are determined and it is planned to fill in which areas. Then the processing begins. Before the nose filling procedure, anesthetic cream is applied on the skin in the area to be filled. After numbness is achieved in the relevant area, it is cleaned by applying an antiseptic solution. Hyaluronic Acid is generally used as a filler. The filler is applied by injecting it under the skin in the areas to be corrected. After the procedure, there may be slight redness and swelling. This is a normal and short-term condition. The patient can return to his daily life immediately. Before and after nasal filling photos are taken. These photos are shown to the patient after nasal filling. Thus, the success of the treatment can be understood more easily by the patient.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Filling?

There are some recommendations that the patient should follow after the procedure. It is inconvenient to touch the nose immediately after the operation. Heavy movements should be avoided during the healing process. Sports that can damage the nose should be avoided. It is not right to take a hot shower for a certain period of time. Coffee, alcohol and caffeine should not be consumed. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid being in very hot and humid environments such as steam rooms and saunas. In order to achieve a successful treatment result, it is of great importance to go to the control appointment on the date recommended by the doctor and not to delay these appointments.

In Which Situations Can Nose Filling Be Applied?

Nasal filling is not effective in correcting all nasal deformities. It can be applied to all adults with good general health. Whether you are suitable for nasal filling is determined as a result of a doctor’s examination. Situations where nasal filling will be applied are as follows:

Depression in the nasal arch
Slight asymmetries in the nose
Low nose tip
Presence of small indentations in the nose
One side of the nose is more sunken to the other side
Minor disorders after surgical rhinoplasty

To Whom Can Nose Filling Be Applied?

Nasal filling is a method that can be applied to most patients because it does not require a surgical operation. However, if the patient has another health problem, it may not be appropriate. Sometimes there may be defects in the nose that cannot be corrected with filling. In such cases, nose filling is not performed. The people who should not prefer the nasal filling application, which is frequently done by men and women, are listed below:

Pregnant women
People with certain serious chronic diseases
People with skin disease
Patients with active herpes
People who may be allergic to nasal fillers
People who want to shrink their nose
People with severe curvature of the nasal bridge
Patients who want to improve their breathing problem

Is Nose Filling Permanent?

People who are considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty, “How permanent is the nose filling?” He wants to know the answer to his question. Nasal filling is a temporary method as it is performed without a surgical procedure to the nasal structure. This period varies depending on the type of filling material applied and factors related to the patient. Although sometimes the permanence of the nasal filling takes a few months, in some people this period may take up to several years, but after the filling has melted, it is not necessary to wait for the filling of the nose again. It can be processed immediately. Since nasal filling is not a permanent form of treatment, it can be easily abandoned by people who cannot adapt to the new nose image.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filling?

Nasal filling has many advantages as it is a simple method that does not require surgery. These advantages are:

No sutures are required as there is no surgical incision on the skin. There are no seam marks left.
It is a painless and painless method.
It is partly an aesthetic treatment method.
Since it is not a permanent process, it is easy to give up in cases where it is not liked.
It can be easily applied to people who have fear of surgery.
It can be applied to patients who are allergic to anesthetic substances.
Since it is possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure, social and business life are not adversely affected.
The effect of the procedure can be seen immediately.

Can Nose Filling Procedure Be Done Again?

Nasal filling is not sufficient for patients with severe curvature and collapse of the nose. It remains incomplete in correcting some nasal deformities. Another disadvantage is that nasal filling is not a permanent method. It should be applied again when the effect wears off. Filling can be done easily. Especially patients who do not prefer surgical operation have this procedure done again as needed. Tissue damage or blindness may develop as a result of applying the filler to the wrong place. In order not to encounter such bad situations, the procedure should be performed by an experienced specialist who has a very good knowledge of anatomy.

What is Nose Filling Age Limit?

Nasal filling can be applied to any individual who has completed body development and is an adult. This procedure can be applied to people over the age of eighteen. However, the suitability of your age is definitely evaluated by our specialist physician.

Is It Possible to Melt Nose Fillers?

Sometimes patients are not satisfied with the nasal filling. When faced with such a situation, it is possible to dissolve the nasal filling. There are special materials used for this. When various enzymes interact with the nasal filling material, they cause the filling to dissolve. This enzyme is injected into the nasal filling area. After a while, the nasal filling dissolves, it is expelled from the body.

Nose Filling Prices

There are various factors that determine the prices of nose fillers. Factors such as how much nasal filling the patient needs, the type of material used, the experience of the doctor, the quality of the clinic or hospital determine the price of the nasal filling. Depending on these, variable prices arise.

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