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What is Jawline?

Facial symmetry and golden ratio are the most important factors that determine facial beauty. Women and men resort to chin aesthetics to have a more attractive appearance. Today, with the advancement of modern medicine, non-surgical aesthetic methods have come to the fore. Jawline treatment is also a kind of jaw line filling method. The chin line is highlighted and made remarkable. It is a relatively simple treatment as no stitches or incisions are applied. You can find detailed information about the jawline chin filler in the continuation of our article.

What is Jawline?

The word jawline in English means jaw line. The chin line is the line that starts from the tip of the chin and extends to the ear on both sides. Factors that determine the shape of the jawline include heredity, body fat percentage, and the shape of the bone structure. Observing this line clearly and clearly is an accepted understanding in today’s aesthetics. Jawline (jawline filling) is applied to make the jawline look more protruding and sharp. As a result of this process, facial features become more elegant, symmetrical and proportional. The non-surgical filling process applied to the jawline area is called jaw line filling. It is a form of treatment that does not leave any traces on the skin, since no surgical incisions and stitches are applied.

What is Jawline

The jaw structure of women resembles a triangular structure, while that of men resembles a quadrangular structure. Men’s jawline is sharper than women’s. Although having a sharp jaw line is more preferred by men, it has become very popular for women with the influence of media and television in our age. Chin filling is a treatment preferred by both men and women. The jowl area is more prominent in people with small chin and blunt jaw lines. People who complain about the appearance of jowl sagging also apply to Jawline jaw line filling.

How to Make a Jawline

Before starting this filling process, the areas that need to be applied are decided. These regions are selected together with the patient, taking into account the recommendations of the specialist who will perform the procedure. Before starting the procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area to prevent pain. Appropriate filler is selected and injected under the skin. Immediately after the Jawline application, the person can return to his daily life. The person is called for a control session on a date that the doctor deems appropriate.

After the filling application, it is necessary to be protected from the extreme heat of the sun for a while. In order not to deteriorate the filling, intense exercise should not be done, and attention should be paid to gaining and losing weight. Coercive activities should be avoided. The creams recommended by the doctor can be used. If the doctor’s post-procedure recommendations are not followed, the shape of the filling may be distorted and the result will be unsuccessful.

Which Filling Material is Used in Jawline Aesthetics?

Filling materials preferred for Jawline application should contain a material with high lifting properties. Hyaluronic Acid can be preferred as a filler. In addition, fillings containing calcium hydroxyapatite, which is the main ingredient of bone structure, can also be used. Since hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite are naturally found in the body, they are not harmful. They do not cause any side effects.

Who is Jawline Applied to?

Jawline aesthetic filling method is applied to the lower face area of ​​the chin. People who are not satisfied with the appearance of this area apply to this filling method. Situations that require a jawline filling include:

Chin tip with short and soft lines,
The jowl area where sagging occurs,
Wrinkles on the skin of the neck,
Round face line,
Disproportionate lip and chin harmony,
Sagging in the cheek area with advancing age,
Short jawline,
Loss of volume in the jaw line,
Narrow chin,
Asymmetrical jawline,
Lower jaw positioned back than it should be.

Is There an Age Limit for Jawline Jaw Filling?

Anyone who has completed the developmental age and is in good general health can have jaw line filling. Completing the development of bone and soft tissues in the facial area is sufficient for this procedure. However, if the person has a systemic or chronic disease, he should inform his doctor about it. With the approval of the doctor, Jawline can have chin fillers.

What are the Advantages of Jawline Fill?

Jawline chin filling is a form of treatment that does not require general anesthesia and does not involve surgical procedures, similar to other aesthetic filling methods. In addition, it is a method that is applied in a short time and gives fast results. Therefore, it has many advantages:

The face shape gains a more cosmetic and aesthetic appearance.
The ratio between neck and jowl is corrected.
Since it does not involve a surgical procedure, the recovery period is very short.
Since no stitches are applied, there is no problem of scarring on the skin after the procedure.
It is a partially affordable aesthetic method since surgery and anesthesia are not required.
Wrinkles on the chin can be corrected.
The chin tip becomes prominent.
Irregularities in the jaw line are eliminated.
It is possible to achieve a stronger or more elegant facial expression.
As the sagging and wrinkles on the jowl can be recovered, the person gets a younger appearance.

Is Jawline Harmful?

Jawline filling is an application that does not require surgery and incision. In addition, the materials used for filling are produced from substances naturally found in the body. Therefore, no side effects are observed. There is little to no harm. Since the fillers are injected under the skin with a needle, slight redness, swelling and stiffness may be seen in the places where the needle is inserted. However, it heals in a short time. The social life of the patient is not affected.

How Permanent Is Jawline?

How permanent the filling is depends on the structure, amount and patient factor of the materials used. If a large amount of filler is used, the permanence time may increase. The melting time of each filling material in the body is different. In addition, the structure of the jaw tissue is different for everyone. For this reason, the melting time of the chin filler may vary. The permanence period of the jawline filling can be up to several years. If it is applied regularly, it shows a longer effect. However, if the patient is not satisfied with the filling, special materials can be used to dissolve the filling quickly.

Can Jawline Be Reapplied?

Jawline is not a permanent treatment. After being under the skin for a certain period of time, it is absorbed by the body and excreted from the body. Although it is a temporary application, its effect continues for several years. Jaw line filler can be reapplied after its effect wears off.

Can Jawline Fillers Be Applied With Other Fillers?

Sometimes, Jawline jaw line filling is not enough to have the ideal facial appearance that the patient desires. If necessary, it can be applied together with other chin filling and face filling methods. Cheek, forehead, cheek, nose, lip and chin fillings are performed in combination with Jawline filling if needed.

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