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What is IU Korean Diet (Lee Ji Eun)?

What is IU Korean Diet (Lee Ji Eun)?

IU Korean Diet: The country’s lead singer IU is one of the artists in Korea who has followed a strict diet in the past after receiving many negative comments about her body. Although the diet program is not considered very healthy, many people still try to follow it until now. Wondering how IU’s diet plan is going? Let’s check it out below!

Before starting this plan, please remember that his diet program is not a long-term solution to your daily diet, and please do not do this without consulting your personal physician. The following is IU’s diet when she needs to lose weight quickly, for example before a comeback or photo shoot session.

Here is IU’s diet menu for every day:

IU Korean Diet The following is the diet list for IU all morning, lunch and evening meals during the day:

1 apple 2 sweet potatoes and 1 shake

As we can see there is not much to eat. You may also think you can do extreme exercise and routine. All three meals together make about 700 calories a day, depending on the size of the shake serving he drank at dinner.

How is it done?

As mentioned earlier, this is not a long-term diet. IU admitted to being treated for bulimia in the past. Therefore, if anyone wants to try their diet, you should be aware of the risk and the most important thing is to consult a doctor about the diet program before starting it.

The Most Popular Korean Diet

South Korea is not only known to the world for its ‘Hallyu Wave’, but also for its beauty products and treatments. We can see that all the artists in the country take great care of their faces and bodies, sometimes they share the secrets of their routines and even admit that they have had plastic surgery before.

But due to the high and demanding beauty standards of the public, many of these artists sacrifice their physical or mental health. If they do not meet socially accepted standards, the consequences range from humiliation, especially on the Internet.