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What is Endoscopic Brow Lift? How is it applied?

What is Endoscopic Brow Lift? How is it applied?

Endoscopy is a variety of surgical procedures performed by endoscopic cameras. Endoscopic brow lift is a procedure performed inside the incision by making two small incisions on the scalp with the help of an endoscopic camera. It is the process of fixing upwards by entering through the incision in order to remove the sagging of the eye and eyebrow area under the skin. In this way, it gets rid of the expression of tiredness around the eyes.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Endoscopic brow lift is a procedure performed under anesthesia. This process takes an average of 1.5-2 hours. Swelling and bruises may be seen after the procedure. After the operation, ice pack application is required. Irritation is seen in all procedures applied to the skin. Due to this, the skin is deformed and swollen. In this case, the application of ice pack prevents swelling and bruising.

Since the scalp is cut in the procedure, no surgical heat is seen. Small cuts heal quickly. Therefore, there will be no scars on the scalp.

In Which Situations Should Eyebrow Lifting Be Preferred?

The upturned eyebrow has long been a fashion symbol of youth and beauty. This process can be applied in terms of health as well as aesthetics. It is available for those who prefer to apply the endoscopic eyebrow lifting process without aging. Raised eyebrow, which is the symbol of youth and beauty, is available for those who apply it to make their eyebrows look more raised.

It can be preferred for sagging with aging, increasing eye bags and eliminating the appearance of fatigue. This is a completely personal preference.

Considerations After Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Ice complex is important after surgical interventions. It will help to relax the face and reduce puffiness and relax the face. As with any surgical procedure, pain may occur in the endoscopic brow lift procedure. Since this pain is a surgical procedure, pain may occur. This pain is caused by the collection and stretching of the sagging skin. Since the skin is tense, comfortable gestures and facial expressions cannot be applied. This process is temporary. The damaged area needs to be repaired, the face needs to get used to the new skin tension. This process passes completely between 7 days and 10 days. After the surgery, you need to do the following;

There will be bands and dressing in the eyebrow and forehead area. Ice complex should be applied over the dressing.
Your stitches will be removed within 7 days, do not contact with water during the stitches.
Avoid getting a hard blow or hitting a hard surface with your face.
You should consult your doctor about the use of painkillers.

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