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What is Airfryer – How To Clean Airfryer-Is Airfryer Healthy

The Airfryer has recently taken the leading role in the kitchens of many homes. A kitchen appliance known as the airfryer hot air fryer, which is a must-have for especially those who love frying. Airfryer, one of the small household appliances, is a technological product that aims to cook and fry food with minimum oil in a short time.

It is the choice of those who want to fry in a more delicious way in the home environment in order to be protected from the damages of the oil used in fast-food foods. Moreover, the airfryer models are remembered as a small household appliance that offers the opportunity to try many recipes as well as the frying function.

What is Airfryer – How To Clean Airfryer-Is Airfryer Healthy

Many companies in the market offer airfryer models according to their own design lines. These products make the work in the kitchen easier in both student and family homes. Hot air fryers, which you will think of and use as a small oven, are practical products that allow you to prepare an average of 3 kg of french fries with almost 1 tablespoon of oil.

Airfryer models, which usually have a capacity of 3.5 liters and come out of the packages with a wire grill and cooking basket, have the features of heating up to 200 degrees, drying fruits, roasting vegetables and baking cakes. Models with the capacity to cook one whole chicken in one go and models that can make desserts are on the market.

Airfryer options, which do not take up much space on kitchen counters, can take their place in your home as a practical and useful small home appliance that works with electricity. If you have not yet provided; Before you buy, you can review our article to clear the question marks in your mind.

What is Airfryer?

Airfryer is a cooking tool that deep-fries food. The airfryer, which we can also define as a hot air fryer, fry the food without immersing it in oil. It is designed to be positioned on the bench. It does not require any plumbing or installation.

Airfryer, which is a kind of convection oven, has a fan that circulates hot air at high speed. This fan creates a crispy and crunchy texture on food. With the specially designed fan, it can cook food without using oil or with very little oil; can fry. It can also bake cakes, pies and dry fruit.

Is the Airfryer Healthy?

The question of whether the Airfryer is healthy is among the topics that many people wonder. Dietitians often answer this question. First of all, it takes its place in kitchens as a healthy product as it consumes minimum amount of oil for frying. It is seen as a useful and correct choice as it reduces the fat content of the meals. Meals can be healthier if airfryer is preferred instead of pan frying in houses where frying is done frequently.

Also, one more sign that the airfryer is healthy can be added. Cooking vegetables or meat in the airfryer reduces its calories. Therefore, it can be used to prepare low-calorie, high-taste meals in a short time.

It provides cooking away from potential chemicals while cooking. It helps you to consume many food groups in healthier ways, not just for french fries. Let’s add one more thing that will catch your attention in terms of health. While frying french fries or frying meat, splashes of oil from the pan can come to your skin. If you fry in the airfryer, there is no possibility of oil splashing out of the chamber.

How to Use Airfryer?

For easy and practical use, you need to know all the parts of the airfryer devices. The first condition is that you master the features such as the start button, the bowl, the wire rack, the temperature setting and the cooking mode selection. For this, you can take a look at the user’s manual of the airfryer model you will supply. You can easily operate the airfryer with the touch of a few buttons, as it usually has the same features.

You do not need to preheat these devices. You can select the appropriate program by placing the food you have prepared in the chamber and placing the chamber completely in its slot. You can choose meat, vegetable, fish, chicken, cake or manual programs. Since there is a separate fan feature for each food, you should choose the mode according to your meal.

Many airfryer models have a program of fries, cakes, roasting vegetables, cooking fish, meatballs. Some models will warn you to shake the bowl between cooking so that the hot air can circulate better. In these features, you have to stop the device, remove the chamber and shake it a few times.

We would like to add one more note to the usage information. If you place baking paper in the chamber; Since the hot air cannot reach the food directly, the cooking time will be longer and the food will not be cooked the way you want. It is not recommended to use baking paper for this. You can use the appropriate wire mesh or bowl wire.

What Does the Airfryer Do?

The airfryer, which is a trendy household appliance lately, has a system that works with the convection system and creates a heat wave around the dishes. When hot air circulates around vegetables, fruits and other materials for a certain period of time, scalding, cooking and browning occur. Thanks to this cycle, the food reaches the level of fried with the least oil.

The frying process usually takes place in deep and hot oil. However, in the airfryer, this system is applied with less oil. Moreover, while waiting for the oil in the pan or the oven to heat up for a while, you do not need to wait for the oil or the chamber to warm up with the airfryer.

As soon as you start the device, hot air starts to circulate in the chamber. The foods you want to cook are cooked in the appropriate time and they get a fried appearance by forming a crispy appearance around them. This device must be connected to electricity for it to work.

What is Airfryer – How To Clean Airfryer-Is Airfryer Healthy

How to Clean Airfryer?

Many airfryer models have a dishwasher-safe bowl and wires. If there are notes in the user manual of the product that you can throw the parts into the machine; You can clean it in the dishwasher. If you want to wash it by hand, you can wash the parts using only dish soap and a soft sponge. When the drying process is complete, you can continue to use it again.

For long-lasting airfryer use, it is recommended to wash and dry after each attempt. Leaving oil for a long time can cause parts to wear out in a short time. It is recommended that you be sensitive about airfryer cleaning in order not to damage the device. You can avoid using scouring pads, sharp materials and acidic detergents. Before plugging in and operating the device, make sure that all apparatus is dry enough.

Does the Airfryer Consume a Lot of Electricity?

Those who are considering buying an airfryer for their home wonder if the airfryer consumes too much electricity. To use the large ovens in your kitchen, you preheat it. While the oven is heating up, the oven runs empty for an average of 10 minutes. However, no startup is required prior to using the airfryer. Therefore, electricity does not work in vain. Many airfryer models show that they are budget friendly when it comes to electricity.

Airfryer models on the market have 1500W or 2500W power. These power differences determine the expense ratio on the bill. For example, you can cook chicken meat or meatballs in the oven in an average of 35 minutes. But do not forget that there is also a time to preheat the oven. When you want to cook these dishes with the airfryer, it needs to work for an average of 20 minutes. You can see that the airfryer does not consume much energy, as you will save both oil and electricity.

Differences Between Oven and Airfryer

While the oven has the ability to cook several trays of food at the same time, the airfryer can cook a smaller amount of food at once. It can cook the dishes that can fit in its chamber in the appropriate program.
To use the oven, you need to run it empty for about 10 minutes beforehand; but the airfryer doesn’t need it. As soon as you put the food in the chamber, it starts and starts cooking. No preheating required.
The oven is a large-sized appliance that has a special place in the kitchen. However, the airfryer takes its place in your kitchen as a smaller and portable appliance. You can place it wherever you want and use it.
There is a glass in the oven where you can see what is being cooked and follow the latest situation, but there is no glass in the airfryer. You can stop the appliance and see the status of the food in the bowl.

What Foods Can Be Cooked With the Airfryer?

According to the model of the device, many cooking features do not escape attention. While some products have 9 programs, some have less cooking modes. If you want to use airfryer while preparing food, you can try many recipes you can think of in these tools. If you say what to do in the Airfryer; We can give a few ideas:

First of all, the airfryer is a very useful product for french fries. You can get crispy potatoes with 1 spoon of oil and a little salt.
You can consume vegetables such as pepper, eggplant, zucchini and carrot in a healthy way by frying them just like potatoes.
The airfryer, which has an egg-boiling feature, can serve eggs at the desired consistency in 10 minutes at low temperatures. Moreover, you do not get stressed that the shell has cracked.
You can use an airfryer to make the pastries crispy. Cookies and pastries are also made in the same way.
You can bake cakes in airfryer models with cake program. You can bake the cakes in a short time at the appropriate level in the manual setting.
For meat and fish dishes, you can choose small-measured meals. In order to consume fish in a healthy way, you can cook it in the airfryer with a minimum of oil. You can serve meals with the consistency of Turkish delight, without burning the chickens or smelling the fish.
Those who do not like to fry the meatballs in plenty of oil can get delicious meatballs by using the airfryer.
For breakfast, you can prepare an omelet mix and cook an omelet at the appropriate level.
You can dry the fruits by turning on the long-term mode for the fruit drying mode. This is how you can save fruits that are close to rot.
Chestnut, which is consumed fondly in winter, is easily cooked in the airfryer.
You can also choose the airfryer for onion rings, ready-made pastries, frozen food, pizza, barbecue flavors.

What Should You Consider When Buying an Airfryer?

If you haven’t bought an airfryer yet, you should choose the best one for yourself and your budget. In order to make a conscious shopping in this regard, you should pay attention to some details. First, you can focus on the hopper capacity. If you are going to buy an airfryer for a crowded house, you can get the model with the largest chamber.

If you want your small appliances to look in harmony, you can choose the color that is compatible with other products. You can examine the models that can set the programs with a single button or that offer the opportunity to use a separate button for each program.

Attention should also be paid to cleanliness. Many airfryer parts have the ability to enter the machine. If you want to clean the oily parts cleanly; It is recommended that you examine the models that are compatible with the dishwasher. Models whose parts can be easily removed and wiped; The airfryer can be your first choice in every aspect of your shopping.

Is Using Airfryer Advantageous?

Airfryer, which has the feature of mini oven, is a product with advantages. The airfryer, whose economic value is in the market average and produced by many brands, saves time for the user. It also prevents oil waste, as it needs 1-2 tablespoons while frying. Another advantage is that you can fry and bake in the airfryer while cooking on your stove at the same time.

While preparing dishes such as soup, main course, pilaf, appetizers on your stove in crowded parties, you can cook meat if you want by using the airfryer. For breakfast, you can leave fries and pepper fries on the airfryer. You can even boil eggs. It may come across as a preferable product to save time and oil consumption.