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What is a Michelin Star-How to Get a Michelin Star

What is a Michelin Star?

What does it mean to get a Michelin star? How do you lose a Michelin Star? What is the number of restaurants with a Michelin star? So, who are those who oversee all these and ensure that they have stars? How are Michelin Stars awarded? What Are the Criteria for Receiving a Michelin Star?

What is a Michelin Star-How to Get a Michelin Star

A Michelin Star is awarded to restaurants where very good ingredients are used and food is cooked to a high standard and with a certain consistency. Two Michelin Stars are presented when the character and talent of the restaurant’s chef is reflected in the dishes.

How did the Michelin Guide, which is considered one of the world’s most valuable references in the field of gastronomy, come about?

The eating and drinking experience is a motivation that has the power to take people to the other side of the world. The desire to taste the recipes of the most important masters in the world drags millions of people to different places every year. Most of the tourism income of many countries, cities and towns is only food and beverage tourism.

The Michelin Star is also seen as the most important and prestigious reference in this field. In our article, we will examine the story of the emergence of this most precious star.

A tire brand’s journey to the kitchen

Michelin is a French vehicle tire brand that still operates today, founded by the brothers Andre Jules and Edoudard Michelin in the 1850s. That’s why Michelin Guide is a successful case that needs to be addressed not only in the field of gastronomy but also in the field of PR.

What does Michelin star chef mean?

So what does a Michelin star mean? In the system, which has a total of 3 levels, Michelin inspectors, whose identity is unknown, evaluate the restaurants and determine the restaurants that deserve a star. Stars are given to those who achieve the desired quality. The Michelin star, which is only one year old, is awarded to the restaurant.

How did the Michelin Guide come about? What is the Story of the Michelin Star?

Michelin brothers, with the decrease in tire sales, “how can we increase sales?” While thinking, they think of preparing a guide. Through this guide, they plan to recommend the best restaurants and cafes in the country to the few and respected car owners in France.

The main purpose of all of these is to encourage people to hit the road. While constructing all these ideas in their minds, the guide is delayed for a while due to World War I. With the end of the war, they started to make the content of the guide -based on the demand of that day- as restaurants. “Michelin Guide”

Michelin Guide and Stars

This is the star that adorns the dreams of world-famous chefs. A three-stage rating system is being introduced during the creation of the guide.

  • 1 star means “A very good restaurant in its field”.
  • 2 stars mean “So perfect meal that it’s definitely worth changing your course”,
  • 3 stars means “An outstanding cuisine is worth a special journey”.

What you will do to have all these stars or stars is not easy at all. Moreover, all of these standards have been the same since 1936.

What does the Michelin award mean?

Michelin Guide (French: Guide Michelin) or Michelin Red Guide; It is a prestige award given to hotel kitchens and restaurants by the French tire manufacturer Michelin.

What Are the Criteria for Receiving a Michelin Star?

According to the rules applied for years, the quality of the ingredients used in the food, the mastery of preparation and cooking, the creativity in the presentation of the food, the return of the price of the order and the consistent application of all these standards.

The atmosphere of the place, the complement of the menu and the concept of the place, the quality of service, hygiene, the fact that the restaurant is a boutique and original place, and that the chef runs his own restaurant are other important criteria. The most important advantage is that the chef spent his apprenticeship and journeyman in a place that received a Michelin star.

  • These criteria have been applied since 1936.
  • And who are those who control all these and make them have stars?
  • How are Michelin Stars awarded?

Michelin selects experienced, curious, successful and dedicated inspectors in this field. Investigators keep their work in this area so secret that they even hide it from their families.

Investigators enter the venue as a mystery shopper. They make their evaluations according to the criteria and leave.

How do you lose a Michelin Star?

After receiving the Michelin Star, the only thing they want from business owners and chefs is “continuity”. Stars are valid for one year. At the end of a year, the commission members, who are still unknown to anyone, may come to the restaurant and reduce or increase the star, or cause you to lose the star completely.