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What is a Hair Lightener – Is It Harmful to Hair

What is a Hair Lightener? How to use?

What is a Hair Lightener? How to use?

You will easily find the answer to the question of what is a hair lightener in this article. Hair bleaching is a method used for the color of women’s hair. Although this is a process that needs to be done to lighten the hair color with a few tones, sometimes various mistakes can be made in this regard.

For example, it should not change directly from a very dark color such as black to a very light color such as yellow. After these processes are completed, it is impossible to obtain the desired color and the hair will be damaged.

How to Use a Hair Lightener?

The easiest way is to lighten hair that has never been treated and dyed. If your hair has been dyed and damaged, we recommend that you do not stretch your hair longer when trying to lighten the hair color. It would be more correct to wait for the hair to regain its former health first, and then work to lighten the hair color. Thus, the answer to the question of how to use a hair lightener is given. You can choose the one that suits your hair, lighten your hair and get the hair color you want.

The hair opening process is done in two different ways: powder bleach, that is, the process of opening the hair with the belly and the process of opening the hair with paint. The answers are below: You do not need to dye your hair to get a haircut with dye.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Using Hair Lightener?

There are important points to be aware of when using a hair lightener. Apply to all your hair, from root to tip. However, be careful not to apply it to the hair follicles. Using the comb, dye all hair evenly, wash off after half an hour.

Add three tablespoons of 40 volumoxy powder dispenser to get colorful hair with detangling. Apply the paint, which should have a gel consistency, to all your hair from the neck rim. Do not touch the hair follicles. After applying evenly on all hair, wash for half an hour.

Preparation Before Using Hair Lightener

Before using a hair lightener, you should wear gloves and cover your shoulders. Since there are chemicals in hair lightener, you should prevent them from directly affecting your skin. Lightly apply the lightener to the strands you want to open and make sure it fits between the strands with the comb. Lightening gels should be constantly checked and expected. You should definitely read the volume and density of the hair lightener and how long you should wait in the packaging of the hair lightener.



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