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What is a Granite Pan? Is it healthy?

Important Tips for Buying and Using a Granite Pan
Granite pan is a kitchen utensil that is frequently preferred in the kitchen, making life easier and saving time when used. In fact, a single pan is generally not bought and a granite pan set is preferred. Leaving the fashion of steel pots behind, granite pans have become the most popular kitchen product in recent years.

The granite pan, which takes its place at the top of the list of those who are preparing for dowry, is a type of cookware that chefs cannot give up. How well do you know the granite pan, which draws attention in almost all kitchenware stores and is offered to the consumer with different labels? Would you like to get to know these pans and pots a little closer?

Let us remind you that you can cook delicious meals in granite pans and pots, which make you forget the use of Teflon and steel cookware. The worries of those who use this pan, such as the food burned or the bottom, are lost to the past. Granite ceiling has such a feature that; Those who hear will immediately go to buy a granite pan. In these lines, we are talking about the features of granite ceiling that make work easier. Let’s take a look at the advantages of granite ceiling in the kitchen together!

What is a Granite Pan? Is it healthy?

What is a Granite Pan?

Granite pans are primarily a type of pan that is healthy and easy to use.
Granite is used in the construction of this ceiling. Granite, which is a common type of stone, has a granular structure. When you look at the granite products used, it is observed that there is a granular texture, not a plain pattern.
The minerals in the granite stone can be gray, pink or white in color. These colors are generally reflected in granite pots and pans.
Granite products, which have a very durable structure, are very strong against scratching.
Granite pan types, which are heavy in mass, distribute the heat they receive quite evenly.
If you wish, you will not need to add any oil for the meals you will cook in a granite pan. Because these pans cook vegetables and meat easily.
Since it is non-adhesive, cleaning this ceiling will not tire you at all.
For example, you can cook chicken in a granite pan and if you are preparing a diet menu, you can use the grill type, oil-free cooking method.
Looking at the general average, granite pans are found in price between Teflon pans and steel pans. Of course, prices vary by brand.

How to Clean a Granite Pan?

The granite ceiling is very easy to clean and does not tire you at all. It is recommended to pay attention to the following items when cleaning the granite pan after use:

After sautéing, frying or cooking other dishes, you can rinse the granite pan and put it in the dishwasher. It has a structure suitable for dishwasher washing.
In some cases, there may also be strong stains. In this case, you can remove the stain with the soft part of the dish sponge.
If you say how to clean the outside of the granite pan, you can pour baking soda on the dish sponge and wipe the outside.
The detergents you will use should stay away from being abrasive. Dish washing detergent will do the trick.
You can choose low fire to ensure that the granite ceiling, which is resistant to high fire, has a long life.
There is also one more thing you should know about granite pan care: It is wrong to keep the pan removed from the stove with cold water. Heat exchange disrupts the structure of the granite ceiling.
Those who ask how to clean the granite pan bottom can use the soft part of the dish sponge with peace of mind.
Dish soap for the handles, inside and bottom of the pan will always help you.
Those who wonder how to remove granite pan burn; You can put some vinegar and water in the pan and boil it for a few minutes. This method will also please those looking for an answer to the question of how to remove granite pan stains.

Is Granite Pan Healthy?

The granite pan, which is in competition with the Teflon pan but has erased the name of the Teflon pan from memory in recent years, has a structure suitable for health.
If the Teflon ceiling is scratched, carcinogenic substances in its structure are released. This situation is not the same for granite pans.
Granite pan is a pan that is suitable for human health and does not harm when in contact with food.
Because it cooks food quickly and deliciously; considered healthy.

Is Granite Pan Washable In The Dishwasher?

Granite pan types are a tool that adapts to every situation that does not tire you in the kitchen. It also accepts washing in the dishwasher in difficult times and limited times.
The dishwasher has a structure that is not damaged during the washing process.
However, when the granite pan is cared for and washed by hand, it can last longer and the risk of damage to the non-stick surface is minimized.
When you run the granite pan through the water and place it upside down in the machine, you can be sure that you will get a clean result at the end of the wash.
So, will the granite pan go into the oven?

Granite products are resistant to high fire, but high fire should be avoided for longevity.
When you want to cook oven dishes, we recommend that you choose a granite oven dish rather than a granite pan.
Since the handle quality of the pan will differ, we will not be able to make a clear statement on this subject. Some brands have also introduced granite pans that adapt to the oven.

Does Granite Pan Deteriorate or Scratch?

Granite pan, which takes its place among very durable kitchen products, will certainly be scratched. But this problem does not develop by itself.
If you try to scrape off strong stains with a knife or an iron tool, you may break the structure of the granite ceiling.
In other words, the answer to the question of whether the granite pan is scratched is actually no, unless there is a forceful blow or impact.
The risk of deterioration of the granite ceiling is very low. If you have a granite ceiling that has deteriorated or scratched in a short time, it is useful to know that that ceiling is a granite-coated Teflon pan.
Let’s give some information for those who say if the granite pan is harmful if it is scratched. It can be said that the life of the pans that have been used for a long time and that have a lot of scratches has expired. Such pans need to be changed.
You may also be wondering if the granite pan will stick, there is no sticking problem with this type of utensil.
Let’s say you did something else while cooking in a granite pan, your food got burned and the granite pan bottom got stuck. You can use vinegar as a natural remedy. After emptying the pan, if you boil the vinegar water you will put in it for a few minutes, the traces will disappear.

How to Use a Granite Pan?

You can prepare delicious meals by using the meat cooking direction of the granite pan. You can serve delicious meat menus such as sauteed chicken, meatballs, roasted meat without burning or sticking. Cooking entrecote in a granite pan will also be enjoyable and delicious. So, how to cook ribeye using a granite pan? Let’s cook entrecote step by step!

The secret of a delicious ribeye is hidden in the marinade. It is recommended to mix the meats well with the sauce before cooking.
The granite ceiling you will use needs to be heated over the fire for about 2 minutes. Arrange the ribeye pieces on the granite pan, which is heated on fire for about 2 minutes.
Allow one side of the meat to be sealed, again for 2 minutes. You have to turn the meat so that the other side is cooked as well. Never use metal tools in the turning process. A fork or metal tongs can leak the juices from the meat. This process also spoils the flavor of the meat.
After ensuring that both sides of the ribeye are well sealed, you can continue cooking in the pan at regular intervals.
If you wish, you can also put it in the oven dish after the meat is sealed.
Those who do this will ask if I should pour oil into the pan. You can add oil between cooking according to your taste. Cooking the ribeye with its own oil always gives a better result.
If you like the meat slightly crispy; After sealing, you can add a piece of butter.

Granite Pan? Casting Pan?

The difference between granite pans and cast pans draws attention structurally.
While the granite ceiling has non-combustible and non-stick properties; Pure cast iron pans have adhesion feature.
While ceramic cast or cast iron pans require sensitive care; The maintenance of granite ceiling is very easy and effortless.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Granite Pan?

Pans that have the appearance of a granite pan but not made of granite are offered for sale in the market. These products may mislead you during shopping.
Granite pans are prepared entirely from granite stone. Inexpensive and lightweight pans are just granite-coated pans.
When you want detailed information from the sellers about the structure of the models offered as granite pan types, you can find the answer to the questions of whether it is just a coating or granite or the whole product.
Many brands have their own granite pan types. If the warranty period is 5 years or more, you can buy it with confidence. Because the quality of pans with longer warranty period is higher.
It is recommended to weigh the granite pan by hand before purchasing. If you really feel the weight; The granite pan you have is an original product.
Prefer pans with the color of the granite stone. Heavy pans in dark gray, light gray and brown tones are made of real granite.
The most important part of the granite ceiling is the handles. If you have seen the pan with high quality and steel handles; This detail also makes the quality of the granite ceiling speak.