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What Do The Colors You Wear Mean, Which Color Should You Wear?

What Do The Colors You Wear Mean, Which Color Should You Wear?

As everything in life has a meaning, colors also have meanings that add to us. Let’s take a look at the effects of colors in our lives on our clothes.

Effects of Color on Human
Colors have a very important place in our daily life. The environment we grow up in, our psychology and the fashion of the day are of great importance in our color selection. It is primarily the color that makes a beautiful outfit look. Our reaction to color is physiological and psychological. Colors make us noticeable, quiet, lively, cheerful or calm. We use that color as we want to look. Red, blue and yellow are the main colors.

Intermediate (auxiliary) colors are formed from the mixture of primary colors.
Red + Yellow = Orange,
Yellow + Blue = Green,
Blue + Red = Purple,
Black, white and gray are neutral colors. The lightness and darkness of a color gives the value of that color. For example; burgundy and pink belong to the same color family. Dark shade of burgundy red is a light shade of pink. The color darkens with black and lightens with white. Dull colors are colors that are grayed out. It has become less vibrant and dark. When used with bright colors, it should be used in a wider area. Nature is the best example. Gray colors mountains and colorful flowers on the earth, yellow lights of the sun and blue sky, these help us in choosing colors. How red, blue, yellow, orange and others affect us. Let’s look at the effects of these.

Effects of Colors on Human Beings in Clothing
RED: Represents vitality, movement and excitement. It is the color with the strongest vibration. When used too much, it gives restlessness and tension. It is the color preferred by extroverted people who want to be noticed. It gives warmth like red fire. A jet black dress is enough to get noticed with a red belt (even thin). Red affects the colors it is used together with its vibration, making it noticeable. Red represents energy, joy as it opens towards yellow. As the red darkens towards black, the discomfort effect turns into calmness. It should be used as small accessories in red clothing. It should also be used carefully in decoration. The effect of restlessness and tension should not be forgotten.
YELLOW : Gives joy, movement and energy like the sun. It relaxes and refreshes people. Using it too much causes discomfort. It is recommended that people with psychological disorders are not kept in an environment where yellow is used. Light colors have poor effect on white. It is striking and effective on a black background. It should not be used on large surfaces in yellow clothing and decoration. It should be used in sections that want attention.
ORANGE: Mix of red and yellow is a warm color. It is the color of joy, vitality and joy. It reminds the brightness of the sun. The dominant color in orange is red. Orange is the color of health. It reveals the ability to dialogue and humor. It is a color that can not be watched for a long time.

BLUE: It gives comfort and calmness like the depth of the sky and the coolness of the water. It reminds me of eternity. It is relaxing. The darker the blue, the more its effect is. As it opens, it gets further away, loses its effect and stagnates. GREEN: It is a mixture of yellow and blue. It is a relaxing color. Green is the color of nature. It is a symbol of immortality in some beliefs such as trees, leaves, herbs.
PURPLE: It is a mixture of red and blue. Expresses grief, introversion, and melancholy. The Chinese consider purple the color of mourning. In many countries it is nobility, holiness and humility. It should not be used on large surfaces. It should be used in divided parts in clothes, accessories.
BLACK: It is the color of death, pain, sadness. All other colors gain an increased strength over black. Black is the color of the formality. Used in formal invitations. It reveals all the facial features. It works better for young people, unlike the old ones. It should wear with good makeup.
WHITE: It is the color of cleanliness and purity. It is not looked after for a long time. It irritates the eyes. Wedding dresses, purity, happiness, cotton, softness, clouds, cleanliness, health, etc. all these always remind white. It weakens the colors used next to white. It shows clear that it is. It also makes the surfaces look wide and big. For example, you look weaker with a black blouse and wider with white.
GRAY: It is the color of maturity. Mix of black and white is neutral color. It brings out the color next to it. It is the color of introversion, stillness, calmness. It should not be used on large surfaces, but should be used on divided surfaces.

Let the most beautiful colors be yours.