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What are the Differences Between Espresso and Filter Coffee

What is espresso and filter? What are the differences between espresso and filter coffee? Here are the main differences between espresso and filter coffee, which are among the most loved coffees in the world:

Espresso and filter coffee are the most consumed coffee types in the world. These coffees, which are preferred especially to wake up in the morning and start the day more energetic, have different features and tastes. Before we move on to the basic distinctions between these two coffees, let’s talk a little bit about what espresso and filter coffee are.

What are the Differences Between Espresso and Filter Coffee

Espresso; It is a fast coffee brewing method invented by Italians in the 1900s. Espresso, presented in small shots, is one of the strongest types of coffee and its consistency is dense. It is preferred in the morning hours as it is rich in caffeine.

Filter coffee; It is prepared by brewing ground coffee beans with hot water. The brewed coffee is filtered through a paper or metal filter and the pulp is separated. If desired, the taste can be lightened by adding milk.

Differences Between Espresso and Filter Coffee

Brewing Times
The brewing process of filter coffee begins with flowering. This phase lasts from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then the brewing time starts, which can take 2-3 minutes. In other words, in order to brew filter coffee, an average of 4-5 minutes is required. In espresso, this period is quite short. Espresso is ready in about 30 seconds and desired ingredients can be added to it.

Brewing Equipment
Brewing equipment is the main difference between these two coffees. Filter coffee can be prepared with different tools such as french press, V60, chemex, moka pot and filter coffee machine. It is sufficient to put the coffee grounds in the equipment you will use during the preparation phase, add hot water and wait. Espresso is brewed in a coffee machine and moka pots. These high-pressure machines combine hot water and coffee to form espresso.

Filter coffee should have slightly larger particles. In this way, the coffee disperses more easily in the water. Espresso’s coffee beans are ground in one of the finest settings. The grounds of this coffee, which is brewed by pressing in the coffee machine, are turned into powder.

Filter coffee has a softer, less acidic and cleaner flavor than espresso. The acidity of espresso is higher and harder, depending on the bean.

Added Ingredients
The most added ingredient to filter coffee is milk. In addition, different flavors such as hazelnut syrup, caramel and vanilla syrup can be added. These ingredients are preferred to soften the taste of coffee. Espresso-based coffees such as cappuccino, mocha, latte are prepared when different ingredients such as milk, milk foam, cream, chocolate and syrup are added to espresso.

Which one is better depends entirely on your taste. If you want to drink a lighter and softer coffee, you can choose filter coffee, if you want to have a stronger coffee experience where you can taste the beans, you can choose espresso.