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Urban Care Dry Shampoos Review – Pros and Cons of Urban Care Dry Shampoos

Urban Care Dry Shampoos

Urban Care Dry Shampoos

As we enter the summer months, friends with sinusitis like me will be very pleased with this news. Regularly washed hair both loses moisture and invites disease in winter.
After dry shampoos enter our lives, our oily hair will have a clean appearance in a short time.
Urban made the point at this point and launched the dry shampoo range with its exquisite fragrances.

Urban Maintenance is to High

A dry shampoo with a fresh fragrance and promise to add volume to the hair.
The product, which also includes a UV filter, will be the hero of dull and voluminous hair.

Urban Care Coconut Nuts

Yes, open the way to my favorite, please 🙂 There is no such fragrance 🙂 It smells more of coconut than coconut.
The best part is this delicious fragrance that is with you all day long.
I share my secret of course everyone benefits
And again there is a UV filter 🙂

Urban Care Bloom Baby Bloom

For those who like floral scent per screen 🙂 It has such a delicate fragrance that I squeeze a whisper or two even with my hair clean. It leaves a refreshing effect when daytime oiliness drops to zero.
The entire range includes a UV filter and a Keratin complex.

Urban Care goes crazy with coconut where my hand goes every day
Urban Care My hair rises a lot when it’s dull
If I miss the floral scent Urban Care Bloom baby Bloom

Which one did you like? 🙂