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Tips for Using Highlighter

Tips for Using Highlighter

Most of us have a highlighter in their makeup bag. Especially thanks to Kim Kardashian, we use the highlighter to give light to the areas we want on our face. Because highlighter is a make-up material that reflects light and creates the illusion of luminosity. In fact, highlighter literally means ‘to illuminate, to highlight’. When we look at the meaning of the word, we can say that the product fulfills this function exactly. Just as we apply the contour application to hide the areas we do not want to attract attention or to make our lines look thin, we use the highlighter to highlight and illuminate some areas on our face.

We usually use the highlighter on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the upper lip, and the middle of our chin and forehead. By using highlighter in these areas, we can look like we have a thinner nose, more prominent cheekbones or fuller lips.

It is possible to encounter various tones and colors when choosing a highlighter. Highlighter should be at least a few tones lighter than our skin color in general so that the area we apply can stand out and shine. With highlighter applied to strategic areas, you can shape your face and even get a perfect facial structure. Also, highlighter gives your face an inner glow and adds vitality to your skin.

Tips for Using Highlighter

How should I apply the highlighter?

Depending on whether you want to achieve a perfect look or a more natural look, it would be better to choose the method you want to apply highlighter. Applying highlighter with a brush will create a lighter and more natural look than applying with a sponge. It would be more appropriate to choose soft brushes, but you should be careful that the brushes are not too large. Because large-tipped brushes can cause the highlighter to spread over a wider area and cause you to move away from the image you want. For the best application, you can take a look at the special highlighter brushes.

Which highlighter should I choose?

It is possible to find highlighters in powder form in every color scale. You can use glittery highlighters for a sparkling image. However, if you have oily skin, it may be more appropriate to use a matte finish product instead, as these types of products can make your skin look more oily than it is. In the color selection, if you are fair-skinned, you can choose a highlighter in pink and pearl tones. Even if you have a darker skin tone, a product in golden or peach tones will be more appropriate. Also, if you don’t want to use highlighter, you can also brighten your skin by applying a few tones of light powder.

On which areas can I apply the highlighter?

Applying the highlighter on your cheekbones will help your face look bright in general. If you want your eyes to look brighter, you can apply the product towards your brow bone and eye socket. The highlighter you apply to the middle of your upper lip makes your lips look fuller and draws all the attention to your lips. If you are wearing an outfit that leaves your shoulders exposed, you can apply the highlighter on your collarbones.

Now let’s take a look at the intensity and in which areas you should use highlighter for the look you want.

For a lively and fresh look

For a healthy and fresh-looking skin, you must first moisturize your skin well. You can also add a few drops of a liquid illuminator to your moisturizer and moisturize your face that way. If you only want some areas to shine, you can choose a product that doesn’t contain too much glitter and apply it with your fingertips on your cheekbones or on your brow bone.

Tips for Using Highlighter

For a matte finish

If you are someone who does not like glittery things and sparkly images and still want to highlight some of your areas, you can also use concealer instead of highlighter. A contour palette or a matte concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin will also work as a highlighter. You can highlight the area you want on your face by applying your concealer to the area you want to illuminate with the help of a sponge or brush.

For an eye-catching look

Let’s say you have completed your make-up, but you think something is missing. Then you can take a highlighter in powder form and apply it to your cheekbones or under your brow bone. For this application, you can use the brushes we call fan brushes. You can distribute the highlighter in a thin layer using a fan brush. Afterwards, you can apply a matte powder to the rest of your face and make the areas you illuminate with highlighter appear even more in the foreground.

For a radiant look

If you want your whole face to shine brightly, you can apply highlighter with a make-up sponge or brush moistened with make-up fixing spray. When you do this, you can get a brighter and intensely pigmented application. You can draw attention to yourself by applying highlighter, which you apply from the top of the cheekbones to the brow bone, on the upper part of your lips and the tip of your nose.