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Tips for Less Stress in the Kitchen

Tips for Less Stress in the Kitchen

Tips for Less Stress in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places where most people spend the most time at home. The kitchen is where you cook, do business, or at least enter for food, even if you don’t. For example, I love to bake cakes and I also love to eat cakes.

We meet some of our basic needs in the kitchen. There are many tutorials about the kitchen that we don’t actually know.

So what are the useful information for this practical application? Let’s start learning:

When cutting cheese, sometimes cheese can stick to the knife. To avoid this, try soaking the knife before cutting the cheese.

If the bananas are black, don’t throw them away. Did you know these bananas are ideal for making ice cream? Ripe bananas are extremely sweet. Squeeze it a little and put it in the freezer.

Are lemon juice lovers here? Here’s a helpful tip: Want more water than lemon? The thing to do is very simple: Dip the lemon in some hot water before cutting it. As another method, you can also roll a lemon by pressing your hand before squeezing it.

Leaving tomato paste in a jar can cause it to mold and dry quickly. A much better solution would be to freeze it in the freezer and take out as much as you need instead.

Do you have unwanted odors in your refrigerator? The thing to do to prevent this is very simple. Pour 1 pack of vanilla into a tea glass and place on any shelf in your refrigerator.

Is your food too salty? While heating the food, chop the raw potatoes and add them. Then take the potato out of the plate. This process allows most of the salt to be absorbed by the potato.

Cooking eggs is now much easier! You can cook fried eggs in seconds by placing an ice cube in the pan.

If you have an odor on your hands and fingers for a long time after chopping the garlic and onion, rubbing your hands with lemon peel may be a good solution.

When boiling the egg, put the eggs in cold water and warm them slowly to prevent excessive odor and prevent the shell from cracking. You can add a pinch of baking soda or a teaspoon of vinegar to the water for easy peeling. Another practical and difficult point for easy peeling is to pierce the sharp side of the egg with the tip of a needle and cook. Another practical and easy method of peeling an egg is to put the egg in cold water immediately from boiling water and peel it after a few minutes.

When you rub your hands into your eyes after chopping hot peppers, your eyes may burn. To prevent this, rub a little olive oil on your hands before chopping the hot pepper. This will prevent the pain from penetrating your fingers.

Sometimes it is very difficult to open jar lids, right? Actually, what we are going to do is very simple. Keeping the jar lid under hot water can help the metal expand and open the lid faster.

To prevent bananas from rotting quickly, you can separate them from each other and wrap their heads with plastic wrap or plastic bags.

If you want your food not to dry out or to be thoroughly heated in the microwave; It may be wise to warm the damp napkin over the food or to put a glass of water next to it.

Your tile surfaces, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, etc. You may want it to be brighter. A mixture of vinegar and baking powder will help you in this regard. You can wipe it with this mixture.

Placing bay leaves in kitchen cabinets can prevent legumes from contaminating. You can try shaking legumes such as lentils and chickpeas by adding salt to prevent this problem, which occurs especially in kitchens with plenty of sun during the summer months. Also, don’t forget to choose vacuum glass jars.

Don’t have a cooling rack? Do not worry. A great solution would be to use a strainer to cool the pies.

To make cleaning easier, you can wrap your tray with foil.