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Takoyaki Recipe

Takoyaki is a Japanese street delicacy. Although it is difficult to make, the taste is quite delicious. Its main ingredients are octopus and pickled ginger. If your ingredients are ready, the details of the takoyaki recipe are below.

Takoyaki Recipe

Ingredients for Takoyaki Recipe

300 g octopus
3 leaves of spring onions
3 tablespoons of pickled ginger

For the crispy;

20 gr flour
30 ml of water

For the dough;

250 ml of water
1 egg
10 g soy sauce
10 g sugar
10 g salt
90 g flour
10 g rice flour
10 g baking powder

How To Make Takoyaki Recipe?

Mix the flour and water in a bowl for the crunch.
For frying, oil is heated in a pan. Small pieces are thrown into the hot oil with the tip of a spatula or whisk and small pieces are fried.
The octopus is cleaned and washed, and boiled in hot water for 10 minutes. It is sliced ​​and kept.
Fresh onions are finely chopped and set aside.
Pickled ginger is also sliced ​​and set aside.
The dough begins to be prepared; The liquid ingredients for the dough are whisked in a bowl. Then dry ingredients are added and whisked until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
Oil is applied to the round pancake pan and the dough is poured in half.
It is filled with octopus, ginger, onion and crispy dough. Put the dough on it and turn it upside down.
Balls are prepared from octopus.
Served with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Enjoy your meal.



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