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Starbucks Food Calories

Starbucks, the most well-known brand of the new generation coffee industry around the world, has a rich menu in the food category. If you want to eat something while sipping your coffee; You can find many varieties from salads to desserts, from pastries to salty cookies in this brand. There are also options on the menu for dieters and those who follow special nutritional routines.

Starbucks food calorie values ​​have often been brought up on social media in recent years. Especially “Starbucks cookie calorie value” and “Starbucks mosaic cake calorie value” in the dessert category are very curious. In the breakfast category, “Starbucks smoked turkey ham calorie ratio” is the most questioned.

Starbucks Food Calories

In fact, Starbucks calories are determined by a team of experts for all products under the food category. On the other hand, both the contents and the calorie amounts of diet products are the result of a meticulous study. For example; We can say that the calorie value of Starbucks fit donut, which is among the diet products, is less than other foods. Likewise, all products with the word fit in their names and salad varieties have lower calorie values ​​compared to other products. On the other hand, we have to admit that there are several types of cake products that really surprise people with their calories.

If you’re on a diet or calculating calories, you may be wondering about Starbucks food calorie counts. Especially these days when movement is restricted, people are counting more calories than ever before. Many people search the internet for “Starbucks cookie calories”, “Starbucks brownie calories” or “Starbucks cheesecake calories” before heading to Starbucks.

If you are making such searches or paying attention to the calorie values ​​of the food you eat, this article is for you! Here is the Starbucks food calorie list

Starbucks Food Calorie List

In the Starbucks food category; There are 7 product groups: Starbucks Kitchen, Sandwiches, Cheesecakes and Cakes, Salads and Parfaits, Breakfast Snacks, Cookies, Cakes and Muffins. Under these product groups, there are dozens of foods that appeal to different tastes.

Without further ado, let’s share the calorie list of products in the Starbucks food category.

From Starbucks Kitchen

Grilled Chicken Salad: 151 calories
Buckwheat Fit Pastry: 246 calories
Apple Fit Cake: 261 calories
Date Fit Brownie: 351 calories
Full Fit Cookie: 249 calories


Ezine Cheese Sandwich: 376 calories
Smoked Turkey Ham: 411 calories
Fiesta: 452 calories
Poppy-Three Cheese: 360 calories
Mystic Sandwich: 380 calories
Basil Cheese Toast: 415 calories
Smoked Meat and Ham Open Sandwich: 411 calories
Egg Open Sandwich – 179 g: 350 calories
Mozzarella Sandwich – 1 serving: 450 calories

Cheesecakes and Cakes

Brownie Cheesecake: 758 calories
Lemon Cheesecake: 699 calories
Raspberry Cheesecake: 565 calories
Profiterole Pie: 313 calories
Coffee Cake: 431 calories
Mosaic Cake: 486 calories
Chocolate Peanut Pie: 680 calories
Whole Wheat Carrot Cake: 390 calories
Pumpkin Cheesecake: 561 calories

Salads and Parfaits

Grilled Chicken Salad: 151 calories
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: 450 calories
Pineapple Chia Pudding: 270 calories


Cheese Croissant: 371 calories
Cereal Cheese Pastry: 353 calories
Tulum Cheese-Tomato Pastry: 320 calories
Cheese Bagel: 435 calories
Opening with Olives: 254 calories
Buckwheat Fit Pastry: 246 calories


Triple Chocolate Cookie: 370 calories
Misto Cookie: 390 calories
Full Fit Cookie: 249 calories

Cakes and Muffins

Apple Fit Cake – 100 g: 261 calories
Starbucks Brownie: 786 calories
Date Fit Brownie – 115 g: 351 calories
Mosaic Cake: 494 calories
Belgian Chocolate Muffin: 522 calories
Very Berry Muffin: 514 calories