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Song Yuqi Yogurt Diet

What is the yogurt diet?

Muscle mass in the body is effective in maintaining the metabolic rate. It is known that those who lose the most weight with the different diet programs applied are those who maintain their muscle mass. Some limited studies have concluded that yogurt is a product that promotes fat burning and supports weight loss. It has been determined that people who consume 3 servings of yogurt a day lose 22% more weight than those who follow other diet types that are made by reducing calories without increasing the amount of calcium, and 61% of the weight lost is from body fat. The yogurt diet, which is thought to support the immune system, is also effective in reducing the LDL value, known as bad cholesterol. Yogurt containing natural lactase is an indispensable food product for those who cannot tolerate dairy products. In other words, yogurt does not cause digestive problems like milk. Yogurt diet, which stands out with its cooling effect in summer, is recommended to be made with homemade yogurt.

Song Yuqi Yogurt Diet

The fact that homemade yoghurts are rich in probiotics is more effective in regulating the digestive system and therefore in losing weight. While applying the yogurt diet, the diet program should be supported with some seasonal fruits as well as some other food types. With a regular yogurt diet, a person can get rid of excess weight in a short time in a healthy way. The yogurt diet, which is especially effective in melting belly fat, ensures that the weight is lost from fat, not muscle mass, due to the amount of protein in the yogurt itself. This leads to further thinning of the person’s body. Thanks to the other vitamins and minerals in its content that facilitate fat burning, yogurt is an ideal diet food as well as healthy.

How to Song Yuqi yogurt diet?

The yogurt diet, which is used by those who want to lose weight in a short time in a healthy way, is indispensable for people who are often hungry and have bloating problems. Yogurt, which contains plenty of water, has antioxidant properties in this respect. Salt-free yogurt does not cause problems such as bloating. Yogurt diet is a nutritional program that can be applied by everyone in this respect. Yogurt diet is applied for 5 days. It is aimed to lose 2 to 4 kilos in 5 days. The yogurt diet list is as follows:

Day One: Drink a glass of warm water with lemon squeezed into it before breakfast. 1 bowl of homemade yogurt is consumed for breakfast. Unsweetened tea can also be drunk upon request. For lunch, a bowl of homemade yogurt is eaten after vegetable soup. A cup of unsweetened tea, seasonal fruit and a bowl of yogurt are consumed as a snack.For dinner, vegetable soup is followed by a bowl of homemade yogurt. Three prunes and a cup of unsweetened tea can be consumed as a snack.
Days 2 to 5: Drink warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon before breakfast. For breakfast, a tablespoon of oats, a bowl of yogurt and a cup of unsweetened tea can be consumed if desired. For lunch, a bowl of vegetable soup and a bowl of yogurt are eaten. As a snack, one seasonal fruit, a bowl of homemade yogurt and a cup of tea are consumed. It is recommended to consume lentil soup and then 1 bowl of homemade yogurt for dinner. Dried figs can be eaten before going to bed.
During the diet, 2-2.5 liters of water should be consumed per day. The yogurt diet is more effective when made with unpasteurized yogurt. Therefore, it is recommended to consume homemade yogurts. Yogurt, which ensures regular functioning of the intestines, is low in calories and contains high amounts of protein and calcium. In addition to all these, it protects the immune system with many vitamins and minerals in its content.

If you also want to lose weight but have difficulties in this regard, you can contact the nearest health institution and talk to a dietitian and get information about the special diet program for you. We wish you healthy days.



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