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Scrambled Egg Recipe

Don’t worry that it’s called a scrambled egg, it’s actually the scrambled egg we know. However, it has recently become more famous with its English name. In short, this is a delicious egg recipe that can be consumed for breakfast or dinner. But not to mention eggs, scrambled eggs should neither be too watery nor too dry. The secret of its consistency is the cream or cream to be added into it. Here is the recipe for scrambled eggs that will color your breakfast table…

Scrambled Egg Recipe

Even those who do not know how to cook, eggs are the first ingredient to go. We always say, “If only I knew how to break two eggs”, it has such a satisfying and life-saving feature. But from those two eggs, flavors that will not be erased from the palate, that will make you wake up early in the morning and set up delicious breakfast tables, that will play a role from the main dishes in the evenings emerge.

Aside from a thousand and one forms of eggs, scrambled eggs carry these features the most. Scrambled eggs, which are basically based on a very simple logic, become a flavor that is desired to be made again and again when it is based on a few tricks and a few techniques. Because actually cooking eggs is a serious matter, it takes care.

Materials for its construction

4 medium eggs
2 tablespoons of milk cream or cream
1 teaspoon of butter
Black pepper

How to Make Scrambled Egg Recipe?

In a bowl, whisk the eggs and milk.
Pour it into a lightly oiled non-stick pan and cook it on medium heat.
Key point; as the egg is cooked, scrape it from the edges of the pan to the middle with a spatula and take it out of the fire before it cooks too much and loses its softness.
It is a very practical recipe that will add color to breakfasts.
It cooks in about 2-3 minutes.
You can increase the size for more people.
Enjoy your meal.