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Paella Recipe

Paella is a pan-fried rice that originated in the Valencia region of Spain. It can be made by putting different materials in it according to the region. Seafood, chicken, vegetables, even seafood + chicken can be used at the same time.

Paella Recipe

Although the ingredients in its recipe are quite diverse, paella is a folk dish of Spanish Cuisine. We are talking about a richly seasoned pilaf, which includes products such as chicken, game animals, sausage, sausage, as well as various seafood products. Paella, which is especially known for the city of Valencia in Spain, can be found in many different forms.

One of the tricks is to use short rice, so if you can’t reach the local Spanish rice, you can also prepare short rice varieties such as baldo rice.

We are preparing the seafood for you.

Ingredients for Paella Recipe

2 piece medium onion
4 tooth garlic
2 piece medium tomatoes (meaty and juicy)
5 tablespoon olive oil
200 gram jumbo shrimp
200 gram internal mussel
200 gram cleaned squid
3 piece baby octopus
one tea cup White wine
one gram saffron
1.5 water glass rice
(short grain rice) (preferably of Senia, Bomba or Bafha)
3 water glass
(preferably fish or vegetable broth)
tea spoon
tea cup
tea spoon
freshly ground black pepper

Cooking Suggestion for Paella Recipe

You can also prepare “Paella” by adding the sea products to the onions, garlic and tomatoes that are being roasted without sautéing them in olive oil. In addition to seafood, chicken products such as leg, wings, breast meat, sausage, salami, etc. You can add delicatessen products. There are also varieties of paella that you prepare by mixing all the ingredients, and it is often consumed in this way.

How to Make Paella Recipe?

Chop the onions into small cubes. Finely chop the crushed garlic.
Cut the peeled tomatoes into small cubes. After carefully sorting all seafood, wash them in plenty of water. If you are using jumbo shrimp, you can use it without removing the head. Remove excess water with a paper towel.
Heat the fish or vegetable broth of your choice on low heat, according to your taste. Heat half the olive oil in a large, wide-bottomed pan. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil.
After washing the rice in plenty of water and draining the water, put it in the pan. Add the diced tomatoes and fry the rice, stirring in between.
Add white wine and saffron and simmer on high heat. Add half of the hot water and let it cook on low heat in a covered pot with the addition of salt and freshly ground black pepper.
After heating the remaining olive oil in a separate pan, add all the seafood in order and sauté on high heat for a short time.
Add the peas and the remaining hot water to the seafood you bought in the rice cooker. Cook all the ingredients together on low heat until the water is absorbed.
Take the seafood paella, which has drained its water and brewed, on a serving plate, garnish with finely chopped parsley and serve hot with lemon slices.

How Many Calories in 1 Serving Paella?

A 100-gram serving of paella is about 255 calories.