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Making Pomegranate Sour At Home

Pomegranate Sour

Making Pomegranate Sour At Home

In fact, there are dozens of recipes you can make, from sweet decorations to cakes, from pomegranate juice to salads, apart from consuming pomegranate alone. One of the most delicious sauces in the world comes out of this flavor, which can be used both in sweets and in salty dishes. The pomegranate syrup that you know very well! With a little effort, it is possible to make much more delicious and healthy pomegranate syrups than the ones you buy from outside.

Moreover, making pomegranate syrup is not as difficult as you might think. Buy pomegranates that are in season. We begin to explain how to make the most delicious and healthy pomegranate syrup that you can prepare at home.

How to make pomegranate sour at home?

Making Pomegranate Sour At Home

How much pomegranate sour do you want to make? Let’s start by asking the question. If you say “I’ll make a bottle so it can last all year”, you need at least a few cases of pomegranates. If you say “One jar is enough for me”, 5 kilos of pomegranate will be enough. Making pomegranates just in season, with a sour and sweet consistency, will make your sour taste better. However, if you do not have access to pomegranates in this way, you can also do this with pomegranates sold in markets.

Then wash these pomegranates well and cut them in half. This step is very important. We have to very carefully squeeze the juice of the pomegranates. For this, you can use a juice extractor, a handheld citrus juicer or a regular juicer. We also have different solutions. You can also use your pomegranates by filtering them from the pulp and seeds with the help of cheesecloth after sorting and rinsing them. For the smoothest and most delicious pomegranate sour, our recommendation is to use metal citrus juicers by hand, used in fruit juice shops. But you can also use other methods.

Making Pomegranate Sour At Home

Then, put the pomegranates that you have squeezed juice through a strainer on which you put a cheesecloth and transfer them to the pot. After transferring, turn on the bottom of the stove to the lowest. Start boiling by mixing. As your pomegranate juice boils, sediments will accumulate on it. Remove these residues frequently with the help of a spoon. Your pomegranate juice will solidify as it boils. Here, the consistency will be shaped entirely depending on your taste. If you wish, you can continue the boiling process until you get a slightly liquid or very dense pomegranate sour.

Then remove your concentrated pomegranate sour from the stove and warm it by mixing. Transfer the warmed pomegranate sourinto glass jars or glass bottles. Store in an airtight, warm and cool place. Keep in mind that pomegranate sour you make at home will never be as dark as those you buy from outside.

You can use your pomegranate sour in salads and meals as you wish. Good luck to you now. May it be enjoyable and delicious.