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Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes

Now every woman has a knowledge of makeup, you are familiar with makeup mistakes that are usually mentioned in Youtube videos, but do you know more comprehensive makeup mistakes? Read on to find out more.

Overwashing Your Face

Cleaning or washing your face is the first and most important step of makeup. Every woman has a different skin type and with age, our skin goes through many changes. But if you notice that your skin is dry and flaky after applying foundation, you may be washing your face more than necessary. It is enough to wash your face twice a day; once in the morning and once before going to sleep. Prefer a mild and gentle cleanser, do not use soap. Your skin’s natural oil works wonders before makeup.

Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Applying makeup to dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes that make the face look dull and tired. Everything is built on a solid foundation and a properly hydrated face is required in this case. Therefore, make sure to moisturize your face properly before applying makeup.

False Lighting

You have to decide what works for you. You need to test the natural lightening you will do on your skin. When you try to make up with an unnatural lighting, you will notice that it does not look as you hoped. You can learn how to do lighting at a make-up specialist. If you know exactly the shape of your face, you can find the right one for you by trying the general contour and lighting patterns. Choose the one that suits you best.

Makeup Mistakes

Making Wrong Blending

Makeup is much more than just putting on a blush or eyeshadow. Even if you apply a neutral shade, if you don’t blend it properly, you will end up with an unnatural look. The key to natural-looking makeup is mastering the art of blending. Makeup that doesn’t blend well can look pretty funny. Watch some makeup videos and invest in a few quality brushes to get started.

Applying Too Much Foundation

If you apply too much foundation, you’ll look like a costumed clown. Also, if you’re wearing light and natural makeup, you don’t need to target your entire face. Just apply to your cheeks, nose and under eye areas. Some women just use it to cover up blemishes, but that’s a concealer’s job. Make sure you choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone perfectly. Do not use foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. It’s just; It will highlight blemishes, fine lines and bad spots on your skin. By using a shade that suits your skin, you can cover all the imperfections. And never forget to mix it properly. Make sure you apply foundation to your neck and ears as well. Otherwise, with a different face and neck color, anyone can tell you’re wearing makeup.

Concentrate on Your Brow

Properly shaped eyebrow can beautifully emphasize the eyes. If bushy eyebrows look untidy and messy; thin eyebrows seem absent and look too artificial; it means you are doing it wrong. You need to go to a professional and get proper advice on how your eyebrows should be styled. Over the years, it’s normal for your brows to decrease and then you start to fill them in. However, the last thing you want is for your brow to look drawn or tattooed.

At all costs, you should avoid hard lines. A dark shade applied with an angled brush looks better than an eyebrow pencil.

Exaggerating the Glitter

Shimmer eyeshadow is very attractive, but when you use it on the entire eyelid, it can look extremely bright and extravagant. Apply the shimmer eyeshadow only to the corner of the eye and use a matte light eyeshadow for the rest.

Applying Bronzer Anywhere

Bronzer doesn’t have to be applied all over your face. Bronzer should be used where the sun naturally hits your face. Make sure you only apply your bronzer to the cheekbones, top of your forehead, and jawline. If you’re doing it right, it should look like you actually drew the number 3 lightly on either side of your face.

Overdoing Lip Liner

Hard lip lines in makeup are the worst thing you can do to yourself. Do not draw a thin line on your lips to make them stand out. It is one of the biggest mistakes. Also, your lips might look weird if you chose a dark lip liner for a lighter lipstick. You use lip liner to keep the color of your lipstick. If you draw a harsh outline, your lips will look very bad. The main idea is to mix well. For best results, fill in your lips like a pencil, blend and apply your lipstick.

Applying Abundant Blush

Blush can make you look like a clown if you don’t apply it properly. If you accidentally used too much, you can reduce it with foundation. Otherwise, the color on your cheeks will not look natural. Also, after swirling the brush in the product, gently tap it with your hand to remove any excess. Or touch your hand with the brush so that it releases the excess blush into your hand and then apply it to your face. Otherwise you will get too much product and you will start to overdo it.

Makeup Mistakes

Not Choosing the Right Mascara

The first rule is that you should use a mascara that is two shades darker than your eyebrow color. Also, never use more than two coats of mascara as your lashes will start to look extremely lumpy. Expired mascara will have extremely bad consequences for your lashes. Do not use mascara on your lower lashes as you would your upper lashes. Otherwise, your lower lashes will look like spider legs. Instead, hold the mascara vertically and apply. If you prefer waterproof mascara, you should know one thing: Waterproof mascara is much harder to remove, and applying and removing it can seriously damage your lashes. Your lashes may break more quickly. If you need to use waterproof mascara, opt for summer only.

Using the Wrong Eyeliner or Eye Liner

It is recommended to use black eyeliner only if you have a dark skin tone, otherwise it may look too harsh. If you have a lighter skin tone, it is best to use brown eyeliner. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you should never use black eyeliner. It will be very tough.

Always choose a lighter color or a finer tip for the lower lash line.

It is not a good idea to use a dark pencil under the lower lash line. Instead, use a nude colored pencil to help make your eyes look bigger. For a more natural look, it’s best to apply eyeliner on only three quarters of the upper eyelid. There is no point in drawing hard lines; For a natural look, use pencil form instead of liquid eyeliner.

Using Powder

Face powder seems like the perfect complement to set makeup and prevent shine. But it can also make you look old. Believe it or not, face powder accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. It’s best to use the powder only on your T-zone and stop using it completely as you get older.

Not Using Headlights

At night entertainment or at a wedding where you will play a lot; in hot months or when you sweat; your eyeshadow will bleed. The best way to make your eye makeup look fresh even at 2 am; One is to use some of the eyeshadow.

Doing Makeup The Same Color With The Dress

If your clothes are shiny, should your makeup be shiny too? make-up artists; If your outfit is vibrantly colored, she thinks it’s best to wear neutral colors. If you choose a metallic outfit to dazzle on the holidays, stay away from shiny cosmetics and be the star of the night with the usual classic smoky eye makeup.