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Losing Weight with the Zone Diet

Losing Weight with the Zone Diet

Zone Diet

The zone diet, which was discovered by Doctor Barry Sears, manages to stay on the agenda as a popular weight loss method in recent days. Cellular inflammation, which, according to scientific explanations, also means insulin resistance; It is the main event that makes the body gain weight, accelerates the development of chronic diseases and causes a decrease in physical activities. This event cannot be prevented with any medication and can be effectively lost only with an anti-inflammation zone diet. If you want to take control of your life now, the first thing you should do is to reduce your insulin resistance.

It has been scientifically proven that this diet reverses cellular inflammation by obtaining training hormones from the foods eaten during the Zone diet, which is neither too low nor too high in calories. The diet program is very simple. contact; It is based on dividing each meal you eat into 3 equal portions. In addition, there are sometimes difficult stages. For example, you should stay away from foods that people usually love, such as bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes and rice. In addition, in order to increase the insulin balance, you should consume protein, carbohydrates and fat in the right proportion at each meal. We can explain this as follows: 2/3 of the plate you will eat at a meal should be carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables), and the other 1/3 should be low-fat protein foods.

In fact, the Zone diet is completely based on preventing hunger, stopping hunger and not being hungry at all. The biggest reason why various diets have not been successful so far is that they are low in calories. So diet; Unfortunately, those diets do not reach their goal, since there is no feeling of satiety when people are hungry in the meals consumed while creating an eating motive in people psychologically. In this diet, since there are balanced and satisfying foods in every meal, the message of satiety is conveyed to the brain of people and the person stays away from extra calorie things because he is fully satiated.

14 g of protein taken at the rate of 1/3 to be consumed at each meal is also equivalent to 4 egg whites. This value completes the carbohydrate deficiency in the blood. The important thing is to know the calorie values ​​of foods and to know which foods are included in which group. In this way, it becomes easier to deceive the insulin balance of the person. For example, the glycemic index in bread or pasta is the same as the protein contained in strawberries. The difference here is that bread makes you gain weight and strawberry does not. In other words, if you lower the glycemic index of carbohydrates, you also lower the secretion of the hormone insulin. This is what makes you starve. Thanks to this diet, the hormones that give your brain the command not to eat are released.