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Lee Sung Kyung Diet Tips And Diet List

Lee Sung Kyung Diet Tips And Diet List

Lee Sung Kyung Diet

Having a slim body, a slim waist, a tall body and a beautiful face is every girl’s dream about her appearance, as well as cosmetics, skin care and fashion. Lee Sung-kyung has a great image as a model and has received a lot of praise for her trendy looks in every way.

Lee Sung-kyung’s body shape was liked by many, and a few girls did not ask about her secret to keeping her body in shape or her diet to lose weight. In May 2016, Lee Sung-kyung guest-starred on JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, and the actress who played Baek In-ha on Cheese In The Trap revealed what she did to maintain her figure. figure.

To be honest, I have never liked salty food. I used to eat salty foods as a kid and loved it, but eventually I got bloated easily. Other than salty foods, I don’t often eat anything made from flour, and I also avoid kimchi because I don’t think gluten is good for me. When I was still in school, my teacher once forced me to add the food I avoided to the menu, but due to the trauma I did not eat it. It’s okay if I eat fried kimchi rice, but if the slices are too big I’ll set aside the kimchi chunks. “

“I never starve myself if I go on a diet because I am afraid of experiencing the yo-yo effect. I enjoy cooking and gradually eat healthy to maintain a great body shape. I do basic exercise as a workout to keep my metabolic rate stable. ” – Lee Sung-kyung

Basic exercise is a simple exercise that complements Lee Sung-kyung’s diet plan. As reported in Women’s Health Magazine, the basic exercise routine is easy to do at home and targets the entire core with functional, floor-raising movements. Six-packs are more effective than dot-shaping your muscles and increase your body’s fat-burning power as you work so many more muscles with each move. The other benefit of doing basic exercise is to strengthen the arms, chest, shoulders, back and legs.

Lee Sung-kyung once gained weight while playing the role of Kim Bok-joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and revealed this when he appeared on MBC’s Section TV. As reported on Allkpop, Lee Sung-kyung gained 5kg and revealed that he has been working hard to build a healthy figure to support his role in the drama.

As reported on Kprofiles, Lee Sung-kyung weighed approximately 49 kg (108 lbs) at a height of 176 cm (5’9”). After appearing in the drama where she gained 5 kg (~11 lbs), Lee Sung-kyung revealed that he gained even more weight after filming ended when he saw the article about his previous weight gain during filming and he didn’t. She has no thoughts of losing weight since her body became muscular because of the weightlifting scenes.

Lee Sung Kyung Diet Tips

“I started to love eating carbohydrates and became addicted to foods with high carbohydrate content. During weight gain, a crack formed in my body and I was a little upset as it was quite difficult to get rid of it. But then I remembered my role as Bok-joo and it doesn’t bother me anymore. “

Lee Sung-kyung started worrying about her weight after needing to gain some weight for her role in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, but the model-to-actress still looks stunning in her recent public appearances. Born to have a slim body. Whether she has lost or gained weight, Lee Sung-kyung will still look attractive and flawless in her appearance. Let’s hope for the best for his career in the future!

Who is Beautiful Model Actress Lee Sung-kyung?

Do you know Lee Sung-Kyung?

She is an actress who has become a model, now gaining popularity around the world as her acting career has skyrocketed. She has appeared in various TV series such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2017), Cheese In The Trap (2016), Doctors (2016) and About Time (2018).

However, Lee Sung-kyung did not initially debut as an actress; She started her career as a model for the YG K-Plus label in 2008, earning her the title of “Korea’s Gigi Hadid” as reported in W Magazine.

Lee Sung-kyung made her debut as an actress in 2014 with the drama It’s Okay, This Is Love. The drama aired on SBS and portrayed the character Ahn Son-nyeo.

Behind the story of how Lee Sung-kyung was offered the role is Kim Kyu-tae, producer of It’s Okay, This Is Love, one of his daughter Lee Sung-kyung’s fans. At that time, Lee Sung-kyung was a successful model and was looking for an actress to play a role in the drama Kim Kyu-tae. Lee Sung-kyung was hired as one of the actors in the drama, saying that Kim Kyu-tae’s daughter, It’s Okay, is part of the cast of This Is Love.

This is a big step in Lee Sung-kyung’s pursuit of her dream of becoming an actress and subsequently playing various roles in many popular dramas. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2017), aired on MBC, is one of Lee Sung-kyung’s most important dramas. She became even more popular after playing the lead role of Kim Bok-joo alongside her ex-boyfriend Nam Joo-hyuk.

Lee Sung-kyung has been compared to American model Gigi Hadid after she amassed more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram and bought 10% of the country’s 50 million after her Instagram account.

Known for her slim body and beautiful face, Lee Sung-kyung has also been compared to other female models in South Korea. This is because of her distinctive charisma that always makes her stand out whenever she appears in public, whether it’s attending a fashion show, promoting a cosmetics brand, or even on small screens playing a role in one of the smaller shows. dramas.

Dieting is one of the ways South Korean celebrities often use to keep their bodies in shape or lose weight based on their looks. Many people know that dieting is really difficult because there are so many restrictions and you have to choose what kind of food to eat based on nutritional value and your goal of living a healthier life. Some people go to great lengths to get into the same body shape as their idol when they find out that their role model is on a diet.

It’s really obvious that many South Korean celebrities have come up with the secret way to lose weight and put a lot of effort into making their bodies look flawless, be it diet or exercise. Since it’s common knowledge that dieting is hard work, which involves abstaining from food, many people seek dietary advice from the stars. They begin their own diet plan to lose some weight while preparing a diet recipe based on healthy foods rich in vegetables, fruits and small portions of meat, and doing various exercises that can be done at home or in the gym.

According to, an important thing to do when dieting is to avoid salty and sugar-rich foods, as this is the main reason our bodies produce fat. In addition, you should change your mindset on the consumption of sweet and fatty foods, also known as junk food. Avoiding sweets, salty foods and junk food is a really important guideline if you want to build a slim and lean body. However, if we limit our intake of many kinds of nutrients, our body will receive less nutrients and therefore we need to consume vitamins to stay healthy and strong during our daily activities. Additionally, eggs and tofu are an excellent choice for your diet menu, as they are rich in protein, which is important for minimizing muscle loss.

When dieting, some people become stressed if there is no significant weight loss after starting the diet and putting a lot of effort into it. They often say that there is no successful way to lose weight. Many plastic surgery clinics recommend liposuction as an easier way to lose weight. Liposuction surgery can be performed on the abdomen, thighs, hips, neck, chin, upper back arm, calves and back by ‘absorbing’ fat from the body. There are many stars who have undergone liposuction such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and many more. Most of the stars who do liposuction come from Hollywood. There is no evidence that Korean celebrities do the same to lose weight.

Meanwhile, as a model, Lee Sung-kyung needs to take care of her looks because working in the entertainment industry makes it seem like something important in one’s life.