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Karatay Diet for Weight Loss

Karatay Diet

We want to lose weight, to be thinner, to look more beautiful as long as we know ourselves. There is nothing we don’t do for it. The only common point of the weight loss methods that have come to us from America until today is that no one provides a permanent solution to the weight loss problem. Yes, we lose weight, but because we can’t adapt it to our lives or we adapt it temporarily, when we quit that diet, we gain back all the weight we lost and not to mention the days when we starve during the weight loss phase.

Karatay Diet for Weight Loss

Unfortunately, the problem of overweight and obesity, which is psychologically captivating and affects every aspect of life, has unfortunately become one of the biggest problems of the century. Because obesity leads to many diseases that take a long time to treat and even have no cure. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, liver disorders, stroke, back problems, polycystic ovary disease and many more.

For example, the number of women with polycystic ovary syndrome is almost 1 in 3 women today. The problems that this will bring; menstrual irregularity, hormonal imbalances, decreased probability of having children and psychological problems. The most important factor triggering this polycystic syndrome is obesity. Excess weight gain leads to lubrication of the adrenal glands and therefore to menstrual irregularity due to hormonal imbalance. Women with ovulation problems have a reduced chance of becoming pregnant as a result.

Karatay diet goes out of a temporary weight loss situation and reshapes your next life without even realizing it and takes you to happiness. How Does? The most important thing that distinguishes the Karatay diet from other diets is that it argues that many things that have been accepted as true until now are actually wrong. The biggest proof of this is that all efforts to lose weight so far have been in vain. The Karatay diet breaks all the rules. The Karatay diet is actually a lifestyle, not a diet.

The Karatay diet completely eliminates the phrase “eat little but often” advocated by nutritionists. One of the memorizations that the Karatay diet has broken is that cholesterol, which the entire medical community has been at war with, is actually a very useful thing for the human body. Another is that the banned fat is not actually stored as fat in the human body, but the carbohydrate taken is stored as fat. For example, the karatay diet says you can eat as many nuts as you want or eggs with sausage in butter. Not only these, but foods such as red meat, eggs, bacon, fish, milk, cheese, yoghurt and many food groups, which are banned because they cause cholesterol, are scientifically proven in karatay and become free.

Karatay Diet

Does not promise you temporary weight loss in a short time. People who succeed in making the Karatay diet a lifestyle begin to lose weight as a first step, fat is not stored, then after a short period of stagnation, the stored fat is broken and they lose weight permanently. Since the Karatay diet is not a diet that is left for later, the lost weight is never gained. Thanks to the Karatay diet, there will be no weight problems for life.

On the Karatay Diet

it never talks about the amount in the food you will eat. The important thing in the Karatay diet is the food groups that you should not eat. For example, the food group that is strictly prohibited in the Karatay diet is carbohydrates. According to karata, what is stored as fat is not fat, but a carbohydrate group. When you eat fat, it does not enter your body as fat. According to Karata, the reason for the fat in the human body is storage from inactivity and the carbohydrate group. In addition, contrary to popular belief, the Karatay diet claims that nuts are beneficial. According to karatay, you can consume walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds without hesitation. The most important foods to avoid in Karatay are bread, pastries, sugary foods, and processed foods. Fruits known to be rich in vitamins are among the foods that are banned in Karatay. Because fruit contains fructose, which is a fruit sugar, and the excess of this fructose causes insulin resistance.

Karatay diet, which is a lifestyle, can be set as a one-week sample recipe as follows;


For breakfast, 2 eggs in butter, unsalted black or green olives as much as you want, unsalted cheese, a handful of dried fruits, unsweetened tea or form teas, a handful of walnuts.
Boiled red meat for lunch, green salad with olive oil, any vegetable dish with olive oil, buttermilk without salt, green tea if desired after the meal
Grilled fish for dinner, plenty of salad with seasonal greens.

2 boiled eggs for breakfast, black and green olives, labneh cheese, green pepper, rocket, parsley, tomato, milk as a drink, hazelnuts, walnuts.
For lunch, a plate of cabbage with olive oil, red beans or cauliflower, as much yogurt as you want.
Boiled chicken for dinner, plenty of salad, an apple.

Menemen made with 2 eggs in butter or olive oil for breakfast, labneh cheese, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, a popular herbal tea.
Grilled meatballs, yogurt, a vegetable dish with olive oil, salad, ayran or water for lunch.
For dinner, lamb chops or tenderloin, a vegetable with olive oil such as beans or artichokes, broad bean dish, plenty of salad.

For breakfast, omelette made with two eggs, labneh cheese or unsalted cheese, green pepper, black-green olives, greens, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, unsweetened tea.
For lunch, grilled tenderloin, leeks or celery with olive oil, tomato cold cuts, yogurt and a spoonful of flaxseed, water.
For dinner, grilled chicken, kidney beans with olive oil, plenty of salad, grated carrots, radishes, ayran.

Two boiled eggs for breakfast, unsalted cheese, olives, parsley, red pepper, rocket, pepper, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, unsweetened tea.
Grilled kebab, roasted green pepper, tomato cold cuts, grated radish, ayran for lunch.
For dinner, grilled meatballs, yoghurt, plenty of salad, purslane with olive oil, plenty of water.

For breakfast, 2 eggs with bacon, labneh, greens, mint, pepper, olives, walnuts, hazelnuts, a glass of milk.
For lunch, grilled tenderloin, purslane with yoghurt, a spoonful of flaxseed.
For dinner, grilled fish, grated radish, red onion, green salad, tomatoes, an apple.

For breakfast, omelette made with unsalted cheese and 2 eggs, tomatoes, olives, peppers, arugula, parsley, walnuts, almonds, unsweetened tea.
For lunch, shish kebab, shepherd’s salad, broad bean or cabbage dish with olive oil, plenty of water.
For dinner, grilled fish, salad made with fresh greens, roasted red peppers, plenty of water.
Note: After 8 in the evening, absolutely nothing will be eaten, at least 2 liters of water will be consumed every day, at least 30 minutes of walking will be done every day.

We all know that being overweight makes a person look older than they are. In fact, this perception is valid not only for our outward appearance, but also for all organs that make up our body system. The first factor underlying being overweight is overeating. Since people with a tendency to overeating constantly eat, the organs of the person are constantly working to digest the edible foods and carry them to the necessary places and throw out the useless pulp. This puts too much strain on the body. As a result, the body becomes tired. Excess food consumed is stored as fat in the body if it is not converted into energy. As a result of this, fatty liver, increase in cholesterol level, blockage in the cardiovascular system, increase in blood sugar, diseases that can reach rheumatic diseases due to inactivity of the person are inevitable and the person looks older from head to toe. However, people of normal weight look energetic, fit, well-groomed and young. Here is the most valuable tip for looking young. The person who looks young and dynamic is therefore happier.

Because her social life is on track, her psychology is smooth, and her happiness hormones are constantly on because she is active. In other words, the best thing that losing weight actually creates in a person is to make him healthy and happy. So how do we lose the excess weight that we have gained for different reasons in different periods of our lives in the most permanent way? The most talked about name for this question in recent years, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay put the last point on the Karatay Diet, which proved the weight loss with scientific facts and named after herself.

The Karatay diet promises a healthier and longer life by losing weight. The underlying principle is not only to follow this diet until you lose the targeted weight with the diet in the Karatay diet, but to adopt this diet and live with it. Thus, the person corrects the mistakes of the time before following this diet and normalizes his metabolism, thus making the body healthier. Otherwise, people who live with the wrong diet will experience some diseases that are more difficult to solve, especially in advanced ages.

These diseases, which are more likely to occur in people who work the metabolism incorrectly, that is, malnourished, can cause vital problems by creating various physical and chemical disorders. Because when you think about it, the body treats us the same way we treat it. If we tire him out, feed him badly, and don’t make him work, he will come back to us with diseases. The best proof of this is the cancer disease, which has been increasing rapidly in recent years. It is not a separate element independent of the body that causes cancer, but the fact that our own cells mutate due to various reasons and become tumors. In other words, it is a cell in our own body that kills us in cancer, which is known as the most lethal and helpless disease today. Therefore, it is very important to choose the scientific and most accurate way to live longer and healthier. Of course, genetics also plays a role among the factors that cause diseases, but today, from metabolic disorders caused by overweight; It is scientific evidence that diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular, stroke, rheumatism, polycystic ovary, fatty liver, obesity, low back pain can be treated with proper nutrition.

Therefore, it is entirely in our hands to prevent these advanced age diseases that require lifelong medication. The basis of preventing these bad diseases is through proper nutrition. Even the research scientist who supports this issue, Dr. P. D. White has a famous saying; ‘all diseases start in the kitchen.’ How true this thought-provoking but true sentence is in fact is examined in detail and scientifically in the Karatay diet book.

In his book, Canan explained the stages of gaining weight scientifically rather than losing weight. Because with the scientific understanding of weight gain, it is much more important to first understand how not to gain weight. After understanding how weight gain occurs in the body, the scientific explanation of how to lose excess weight is also important for people who want to lose weight. According to Karatay; Every time we eat something, the hormone secreted in our body is the hormone insulin. This hormone has two functions. First of all, when we eat, the sugar level in our blood increases and the insulin level, which helps to convert it into energy, also increases. In other words, when food enters the body, the hormone insulin comes into play and turns it into energy.

If the food consumed is too much, or if it is a food with a high glycemic index (high carbohydrate level), or if the person is inactive in a resting position, the insulin hormone immediately fulfills its second task and carries the excess blood sugar to the liver or other organs for later use and storage. Insulin hormone is active for 2-2.5 hours after eating. If something is constantly eaten, this insulin hormone continues to be constantly active. Because blood sugar is constantly rising and it is the duty of the hormone insulin to convert blood sugar into energy. If nothing is eaten 4-5 hours after eating, the hormone leptin comes into play. Leptin is the most vital hormone for weight loss. Because when the leptin hormone is active, the fat in the tank goes away. The task of the hormone leptin is to use the fat in the stores to provide energy to the body when blood sugar drops. That is the key to weight loss. However, when the leptin hormone is active, we break the fat in the existing tank and become weak.

The hormone leptin prevents the secretion of the hormone insulin, ensuring that blood sugar is at normal levels and creates a feeling of satiety. In people who constantly eat something, insulin is constantly on and cannot perceive the hormone leptin, so insulin resistance occurs in these people. People with insulin resistance often feel hungry, have insatiability, and attack sugary foods as soon as their blood sugar drops. In other words, if you are hungry often and you can’t stop snacking, it means you have insulin resistance, and this situation gradually begins to take control of your body and insidiously invites diseases. In this vicious cycle, people with insulin resistance cannot lose weight because fat has started to accumulate in all their organs. The way to break insulin resistance is to eat less and do sports. Because by eating more, we load less calories on the body, and by moving more, we melt the fat in the tank. As a natural result of this, we lose weight. In fact, this is the main principle of the whole Karatay diet.

Losing weight by not eating frequently in the Karatay diet, by eating until satiation and by eating foods with low glycemic index plus exercise, is out of the field of expertise and it becomes a very simple lifestyle that everyone can do, from the old to the young, from the pregnant to the patient. Foods that are strictly prohibited in the Karatay diet; rice, bread, pasta, bakery products, sugar, chocolate, wafers, jam, honey, molasses, all kinds of fruit juices, carbonated drinks, potatoes, corn, fries, instant soup, sausage, sausage, salami, all kinds of processed food products, In the basic principle of karatay, sugar is strictly prohibited. According to Karatay, sugary and sweet foods are very dangerous. Because these increase blood sugar suddenly and activate the insulin hormone, and the excess goes to the organs, especially the liver, as a depot.

Maybe not right away, but with each passing year, our cells deteriorate in a way that we cannot see with our eyes, and we get stuck in one place and come face to face with the disease. It is a scientifically proven fact that people with blood insulin values ​​between 2.5 and 5 (normal value 5) have a longer lifespan and health. In other words, according to Karatay, sugar equals disease and death in the future. Contrary to what is known, one of the most important sources to be consumed in the Karatay diet is oil, among which natural village olive oil and butter. Karatay says don’t be afraid of oil, be afraid of sugar. Another important source that should be consumed is red meat. Arguing that red meat does not increase cholesterol, Karatay also argues that fish should be consumed in large quantities. Apart from these, seasonal vegetables, spices, at least 2 eggs a day, all kinds of legumes, yoghurt, buttermilk, milk, dried fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, flax seeds, cheese are food groups that can be consumed in abundance.