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Italian Salad Recipe

Italian salad is a very easy and practical salad to make. You can consume it as an appetizer on special occasions or at dinner. If you do not prefer to use mayonnaise, you can use yogurt. If your ingredients are ready, the recipe details of the Italian salad are below.

Italian Salad Recipe

Ingredients for Italian Salad Recipe

1 jar ready side dish (carrot, potato, pea)
100 gr. Cheddar cheese
100 gr. Salami
60 gr. pickled gherkins
200 gr. Mayonnaise

How to Make Italian Salad

The ready garnish is taken to the strainer and drained for a while, and then it is taken into the palm of the hand and squeezed lightly, and the excess water is removed.
The reason we do this is to reduce the possibility of watering when all the products are mixed, because the quality of the mayonnaise types to be used may be different and may not hold water.
Cheddar cheese and salami cut into long thin julienne.
Gherkin pickles are also cut in julienne and the squeezing process applied to the garnish is also applied here.
When the products are ready, they are all taken into a bowl and mixed with mayonnaise. Enjoy your meal.