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Important Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is the area of ​​the house that needs cleaning most often, as it is usually damp and wet. If this area is not cleaned regularly, it can turn into ideal living places for microbes and some harmful microorganisms due to wetness and humidity. Therefore, the cleaning of this area is very important in terms of health.

So, is it possible to facilitate the time-consuming bathroom cleaning? What are the bathroom cleaning tricks? Today, we will share with you time-saving tips for bathroom cleaning. If you’re ready, let’s go into the details!

Materials Required for Bathroom Cleaning

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

Tough dirt and lime stains are among the factors that make bathroom cleaning difficult. And of course there is toilet bowl cleaning. It should also be hygienic and its stone should shine white.

You will need some cleaning supplies for a perfect bathroom cleaning. Here are bathroom cleaning supplies you should definitely get for a quick clean:

Cream cleanser
Dirt and lime remover
Surface cleaner

If you have removed chemical cleaning materials from your life, you can clean the entire bathroom with vinegar, baking soda and Arabian soap. In fact, all bathroom cleaning can be done with vinegar. You can clean your faucets, mirrors, cabinets and shower cabinets with vinegar only.

You can clean the toilet with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. If you wish, you can get a cream cleaner by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and Arabian soap. With this cream cleanser, you can clean the entire bathroom except the mirror.

How to Clean a Bathroom?

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom is the most important part of the house in terms of hygiene. However, just like the kitchen, bathrooms get dirty quickly and need frequent cleaning. So how about fast bathroom cleaning? Here is a step-by-step bathroom cleaning:

Collect Clutter: For those who say where to start cleaning the bathroom, we explain the first step. Before cleaning, always collect the excess in the bathroom. Take a look at the cabinet interiors; Throw away all of the expired, no longer used or finished materials. If there are dirty linens or items that make the environment look messy in the bathroom, collect them as well. Dirty basket etc. to make room for cleaning. take out the ingredients.
Clean the Tiles: At this stage, you should clean the walls, not the tiles on the floor. Cleaning of the floor should be left for the last time. Spray the tiles with dirt and lime remover and clean them with a suitable cloth. Then rinse the walls with a cloth that does not require drying.
Clean the Shower and Toilet: Before cleaning the shower cabin and toilet, spray detergent on both parts and wait for a while for the dirt to soften. For this, you can choose detergents that are sold specifically for these areas in the markets. You can use cream cleanser or bleach if you wish. After the dirt is softened with detergent, rub both parts thoroughly. Then you can proceed to the rinsing and drying phase.

Clean the Sink, Faucet and Mirror: It’s time to clean the sink… Don’t forget to clean the faucet and mirror while cleaning the sink. You can use a cream cleanser or soft soap while cleaning these areas.
Cleaning the Floor: Finally, you can end the bathroom cleaning by wiping or washing the floor with a suitable cloth.

8 Time-Saving Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning of bathrooms means cleaning closets, shower cabinets, taps, mirrors, cabinets and drawers. Clearing so many areas inevitably takes a lot of time. Moreover, considering that this cleaning needs to be done frequently, bathroom cleaning can be inextricable.

Like many jobs, bathroom cleaning has some tricks. Your bathroom will always look clean and tidy thanks to the practical information and suggestions for bathroom cleaning:

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

1) Get Rid of Bathroom Waste

Finished toothpaste packages, unused toothbrushes, overflowing dirty baskets cause a messy environment in the bathroom.
If you want to save time in cleaning the bathroom, you must first get rid of the excess in this area.
First of all, we recommend that you check the bathroom cabinets and separate the items that you do not use and that you need to throw away.
Wash dirty clothes in a certain order.
Remove any excess from the sides of the sink.

2) Take Advantage of Regulators

Organizers, also known as organizers, work very well in bathroom layout and cleaning, as in every area.
After collecting bathroom cabinets and drawers, group the remaining items and place them in the organizers.
Remember, materials standing one by one cause you to waste time during cleaning.
However, if you use the organizer, it will be sufficient to remove the organizers and wipe the bottom while cleaning the drawer and cabinet interiors.

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

3) Use the Right Cleaners

In bathrooms, you may need to use different cleaners in each area.
For example, it is essential to use cleaners that have a whitening effect in the sink and toilet bowl.
In a fully glass shower, water stains should be cleaned.
Therefore, you should choose detergents suitable for difficult stains in every area.
Detergents also have different cleaning powers. We recommend that you buy the brands that will satisfy you the most with the trial and error method or reference of your environment.

4) Use Non-Drying Wipes

The scrubbing, rinsing and drying phases with detergent in cleaning cause the process to be prolonged.
Today, many brands have cleaning cloths that do not require drying or even used without detergent.
By purchasing these cloths, you can shorten not only the bath, but also all the cleaning processes, and enjoy tea or coffee in the remaining time.

5) Do a Quick Bathroom Clean Every Day

It does not matter in the morning or evening, but be sure to spend 5 minutes every day for cleaning the bathroom.
Change the litter in the bathroom daily. Otherwise, unpleasant odors may occur.
Quickly sweep and wipe the floor.
Finally, brush the toilet and sink.
Thanks to this layout, your bathroom looks clean and tidy every day.

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

6) Clean the Bathroom After Every Shower

While taking a shower, the bath often gets wet and hair may fall around.
After each shower, take care to clean the area quickly before leaving the bathroom.
First, dry the shower cabin. In this way, you can prevent water stains in the shower cabin.
Then, if your hair falls out during drying, clean them.
Throw your clothes and towels in the dirty basket or wash them immediately.
Finally, put the items you use after the shower, such as care products, hair dryers and styling tools, into place.
If you follow this routine regularly, you won’t need to do a thorough bath cleanse as often.

Key Recommendations for Facilitating Bathroom Cleaning

7) Clean the Shower Cabin with Degreaser

Generally, cream cleaners, bleach, soft soap or a combination of vinegar and baking soda are recommended for the shower cabin.
Of course, you can use these products, but especially soaps and shampoos used during shower contain oil, so oil residue may accumulate on the floor of the shower cabin.
To prevent this, you can spray the floor of the shower cabin with a degreaser and clean it.

8) Clean the Glass Shower with Dishwasher Polisher

Due to its beautiful appearance, shower cabins, which are completely glass, have been preferred much in recent years.
If your shower is completely glass, we recommend you to use dishwasher rinse aid during cleaning.
Dishwasher polisher, on the one hand, softens the dirt on the one hand, and on the other hand makes the shower cabin windows shine bright
If you do not have dishwasher rinse at hand, you can use glass wipe.
If you wish, you can spray the shower cabin with a water repellent spray after cleaning.
Thus, even if water drops splash on the windows during the shower, the shower cabin will not get dirty.