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How To Use Hair Lightener

How To Use Hair Lightener

How To Use Hair Lightener, How Many Minutes To Wait For Hair Lightener?

Many people try different methods to lighten their hair color. However, not all applications give the desired result. In order not to be disappointed after the procedure, you need to learn what to pay attention to when bleaching your hair and how to use the bleachers. So you can have the hair color you want.

Can Hair Lightener and Color Be Mixed?

Yes, it can be used by mixing hair bleach and dye. However, it is not recommended to do this because it can cause a yellow-orange appearance in the hair.

Is it possible to dye after bleaching?

Hair dye can be used after bleaching. However, it is recommended to wait 2-3 weeks and dye your hair after Lighteners your hair with a bleacher so that the hair does not wear out and do not burn. You can wash your hair 15-20 minutes after you apply the bleach.

How to Use Hair Lightener?

Hair removal is done in 3 ways.

  1. Lightening hair with powder lightener (oriyal)
  2. Hair bleaching with dye
  3. Natural hair lightening

Hair Lightening Process with Oryal

Powder lightener (oryal) is used especially to transform dyed hair into lighter tones or to achieve light blonde tones such as platinum.

Pour 3 tablespoons of powder lightener into a glass or plastic bowl.
Add 40 volumes (9%) of oxidant to the top of the lightener. (You can get all these materials from cosmetics such as Gratis, Watsons.
Mix well with a paintbrush until it thickens.
The mixture you prepare should not be too liquid or too solid.
Apply the Lightener starting from the nape and moving towards the crown of the head.
Then ensure that it is evenly distributed on all hair strands.
During the procedure, the bleach should not come into contact with the scalp and hair follicles. Otherwise, these areas will be greatly damaged.
Leave the bleach on your hair for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, mix the bleach by massaging your hair.
After waiting for another 15 minutes, wash your hair well and clean it.

Note: Apply the Oryal mixture without touching the roots of the hair, leaving 1 cm behind the roots. The blood circulation in the scalp is faster. Therefore, the roots of the hair are at higher temperatures. Since Oryal gives faster results with heat, it should be applied to the hair roots later. Otherwise, tonal differences will occur. Applying it to your scalp 15 to 20 minutes before washing your hair will provide you with even and balanced tones.

Hair Color Lightening with Dye

People with undyed and natural hair can dye their hair to lighten it. For this, you need to choose one of the light-colored hair dyes of a brand of your choice. With the right dye selection, you will be able to achieve the hair color of your dreams.

How To Use Hair Lightener

To lighten the hair color with dye, first clarify the hair color you want. Then compare this color with the hue that will come out if you apply the color of your choice over your natural hair color. If you are going to use the dye of your choice for the first time, you can try it on a strand that will not be visible in your hair. If the color tone you obtain is compatible with the hair color you want, you can apply it to your entire hair.

If you are going to lighten your hair using dye, you need to start the process with the hair strands on the nape.
Mix well the paint of your choice and 40 vols (9%) oxidant in a glass or plastic bowl.
Apply the dye you have prepared by moving it from the nape to the top of the hair.
To avoid irritation of the scalp, do not get the dye too close to the roots of the hair.
The faster you apply the process, the more uniform color tones you will get.
After 15 minutes of dyeing all your hair, comb your hair into sections. Thus, the dye will spread evenly throughout the hair.
After waiting for 30 minutes, wash your hair well and clean it.

Natural Hair Color Lightening

Chemical mixtures are not the only way to lighten hair color. You can achieve the hair color of your dreams with natural products that you can easily find in your kitchen. In this way, your hair does not lose its health. You can lighten your hair color naturally, especially by using lemon, honey and chamomile.

Hair Color Lightening with Honey

Quarter cup of honey
2 glasses of water

Mix ¼ cup of conditioner and equal amount of honey well. Apply this mixture to your entire hair, without coming into contact with your scalp. Then wrap your head using a bonnet or cling film. If you are going to do it in the summer, waiting in the sunlight will increase the effect. After 6 hours of waiting time, wash your hair and clean it.

Lightening Hair Color with Chamomile

half a cup of chamomile
five cups of water

Using chamomile juice is a method often used to lighten hair naturally. To use this method, first prepare it like brewing herbal tea by mixing water and chamomile. Moisturize your hair well. Then apply the cooled chamomile tea evenly. After waiting for 30 minutes, wash it off. If you wish, you can also wait in the sun until your hair is wet with chamomile tea.

Lightening Hair Color with Lemon

a cup of water
1 cup of lemon juice

Mix the water and lemon juice well. Fill this mixture you have prepared into a spray bottle, it will be much easier to apply this way. Spray this mixture evenly on your well combed hair. You do not need to wash your hair after the application. However, due to the drying property of lemon, your hair strands may dry out. To prevent this problem, you should not neglect to moisturize your hair after the application.