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How to Tell if Perfume is Fake?

It is a very pleasant feeling to smell good, to have a unique smell and to be mentioned among the buildings with your scent. To have your own scent, you try and use perfumes with trial and error method and find your own topic. So how do you know if the perfumes you buy are fake when you find your scent?

How to Tell if Perfume is Fake?

Using fake perfume negatively affects the health of the person. The substances included in the fake perfume enter our body through the respiratory tract with their volatile properties. When we apply it to our skin, it is absorbed into the body by the skin. May cause skin dryness, itching and redness. In addition, fake perfumes with low permanence begin to emit a bad smell after a certain period of time.

Today, the fake perfume trade has reached terrible proportions, and it has become difficult to understand whether the perfume you buy by paying high amounts is fake. In order not to face this bad situation, we have brought together the tricks for you to understand whether a perfume is fake or not. Here are the ways you can tell if the perfume is genuine:

1) You can understand the bottles, boxes and packaging of original perfumes as packaging, as they are made with the help of robots and machines. If the packaging box is not professionally packaged, that perfume is not the original perfume.

2 ) Original perfume boxes; It is made of white cardboard so that it does not damage the perfume bottles, does not leave color and does not create a bad image. Since it is desired to reduce the cost of the box in fake perfumes, both poor quality cardboard is used and colored cardboard is preferred to make it eye-catching.

3) There are golden circles under the original perfume boxes. Pay attention to this circle when buying perfume. If the black arrow around the circles is pointing to the right and the golden arrow is pointing to the left, this perfume is an original perfume. If the arrows are missing or pointing in different directions, the perfume is fake.

4) Perfume companies do not prefer to use colorants in perfumes or they use very little. Since colorants damage the component ratio of the perfume, they are generally used minimally and perfumes are pale in color. However, in fake perfumes, very vivid colors are preferred to draw the eyes of the customers. In this case, you can understand whether the perfume is fake or not according to the color of the perfume.

5) Original perfumes have serial numbers. Serial numbers are located both on the bottom of the bottle and on the box. In fake perfumes, this situation consists only of a fake banderol affixed on the box. When buying perfume, you can tell whether it is fake by looking at both the bottle and the box and comparing the serial number. Fake perfume manufacturers using old perfume bottles may try to sell you perfume like the original by affixing a different banderol on the box. You should be careful about this.

6) You cannot see any roughness on the bottles of original perfumes, and you cannot see any deformation on the bottle caps. However, it is possible to see deformities at the bottom of the bottles and under the lids of fake perfumes. You can avoid buying fake perfume by carefully examining the bottle when buying perfume.

7) In counterfeit perfumes, small residues are formed at the bottom of the bottle when there will be precipitation in the mixture due to waiting over time. In original perfumes, this is never the case. When buying perfume, you should carefully examine the inside of the bottle and the bottom of the bottle.