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How to Remove Walnut Stain-Walnut Stain Removal

Walnut, which has dozens of health benefits, is one of the nuts that cheers the palate with its flavor. This food, which is very pleasant to eat, leaves a dark stain on the hands when it is collected or separated from its shell. This stain does not go away when hands are washed. It can take almost a week to go away with soap and water.

In today’s article, we will share 8 suggestions as an answer to the question of how to get a walnut stain from hand. You can try these methods, each of which is natural, with peace of mind. If you’re ready, let’s start.

How to Remove Walnut Stain-Walnut Stain Removal

How to Remove Walnut Stain?

1) Vinegar Water
If you have walnut stains on your hands, mix vinegar with water without wasting any time.
Dip a piece of cloth into this mixture and gently wipe the stained area with this cloth.
Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with cold water. That is all.

2) Lemon
Cut a fresh lemon in half.
Rub the stained parts of your hand with the lemon you have divided.
After waiting for 5 minutes, you can wash your hands with warm water.
Thanks to its acidic structure, lemon lightens the color of darkening on the skin.

3) Lemon and Salt
If you have a walnut stain on your hand, you can remove the stain in a short time with the help of lemon and salt, which are found in almost every home kitchen.
First, pour a generous amount of lemon juice on the stained area.
If you have ready-made lemon juice at home, you can use about a glass of lemon juice. If there is no ready-made lemon juice, you can squeeze the juice of two lemons and pour it into your hands.
After pouring lemon juice on your hand, pour two tablespoons of salt on the same area.
Use the salt stain to scrub the area. Keep rubbing vigorously until the stain is gone. That’s it!
If the stain does not go away completely on the first try, you can try this method for a few days in a row.
These completely natural products do not harm the skin.

4) Toothpaste
We have another suggestion for those who ask how to remove walnut stains.
Squeeze some toothpaste onto the walnut stain on the skin and gently brush that area with an old toothbrush.
Continue brushing in circular motions until the stain is completely gone.
Thanks to the ingredients and whitening feature of the paste, the walnut stain will disappear in a short time.

5) Baby Oil
You can also use baby oil instead of toothpaste if you wish.
For this, first apply some baby oil to the stained area.
Then gently rub the stained area with a piece of cloth or an old toothbrush.
When the stain is completely gone, you can clean it by washing your hands with warm water.

6) Soil, Clay or Mud
You can get rid of walnut stains in a short time by rubbing your hands with clay, soil or mud.
You can choose whichever of these three options is easier for you to reach.
Finally, we recommend washing your hands with vinegar water.

7) Baking Soda and Dishwashing Liquid
We recommend that those who ask the question of how to remove walnut stains should try the dish soap and baking soda method. So how is this method applied?

First, you should mix some dish soap and baking soda in a suitable container.
Apply this mixture to the stained area of ​​your hands with the help of a toothbrush or a cloth. That is all!
Walnut stains will be removed in a short time.

8) Spirit
You can also try the spirit method to get rid of walnut stains on your skin.
To do this, first soak your hands in warm water for a while.
Then, dip a piece of cotton in the spirit and rub it into the spots where the stains are.
Finally, wash your hands with warm water.



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