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How to Remove Mold Stain

How Can I Remove Mold Stain From Home?

The question of how to remove a mold rust stain is a subject that people who live in humid areas are generally curious about. Unfortunately, mold growth occurs in areas with rapidly changing weather conditions, especially in very hot cities. These molds can sometimes be seen on the feet or back of household items and sometimes on clothes that have not been used for a long time. The back of the bed, which is not cleaned at regular intervals, may also be exposed to dust and mold over time. In such cases, we will come to your aid as soon as you ask how to remove the mold stain on the bed.

How to Remove Mold Stain

How to Remove Mold Stain?

Chlorine Effect on All Surfaces
Say Goodbye to Stains in 10 Minutes: Water with Vinegar
Just the Method You’re Looking For: Lemon Juice & Salt
Baking soda & White Vinegar for Bathroom Cleaning
Vinegar & Detergent for Stains on Carpet
It Will Help You A Lot: Toothpaste
Instant Solution to Stains: Soap
Adding Borax to Machine Wash

You have tried many methods so far and if you have not yet got rid of the mold stain, we will end your haste on how to clean the mold stain. On this page, you can find the answer to the question of how to remove mold stains from fabric to re-wear your favorite clothes! You are very close to the definitive solution methods for mold stains in the areas you want and on the wall. This information will be very useful for you during the seasonal transitions!

How to remove a mildew stain on the carpet, how to remove a mildew stain from the fabric, how to remove a mildew stain on the bed? The answers to all these questions are in our article. Come on, roll up your sleeves, let the war against mold begin!

How to Remove Mold Stain?

1) Chlorine
To clean the mildew stain that bothers you in your home; You need 1 teaspoon of chlorine bleach and 1 glass of warm water.
Dissolve 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach in 1 glass of warm water.
You can store and use the mixed liquid in a spray bottle.
Spray the area with the mold stain several times and clean it by drawing circular movements on the stain with the help of a cloth.
Chlorine bleach is an effective solution for fabric and carpet.
It shows its strength better, especially on light-colored fabrics and clothes.
If you are asking how to remove mold stains from clothes, especially how to remove mold stains from athletes, and if your moldy clothes are light-colored, you can get positive results with this method.

2) Vinegar Water
You can easily get rid of mildew stains with vinegar water. Moreover, those who say how to remove a mildew stain not only on clothes, fabrics, but also on the wall can get good results. How Does?

Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of hot water in a bowl.
Pour this mixture over the mold stains on the inside of the cabinet, the wall surface and the carpet.
After waiting for 10 minutes, you can clean the stain with a warm damp cloth.
You can get rid of mold stains on the wall, sofa, inside or under the cabinet with vinegar water.

3) Lemon Juice & Salt
The mildew stain removal method with lemon juice and salt is effective for mildew stains on dark clothes. Let’s get started right away:

Pour some lemon juice over the mildew stain on your favorite dark clothes.
After pouring lemon juice, cover the area with table salt.
Salt will dissolve the stains on the fabric.
After cleaning the stained area with a warm cloth, you will get rid of this problem.
You can apply this method, which is suitable for the question of how to remove mold stains from dark fabric, for different items such as dark pillowcases.

4) Baking soda & White Vinegar
In the bathrooms of those living in hot climates, mold can occur from time to time. We will solve this problem together now.

Mix a pack of baking soda and 1 glass of vinegar in a deep bowl.
You can make your job even easier by putting this mixture in a spray bottle.
Squeeze the mixture on the mold stain on the bathroom wall and wait for 10 minutes.
During waiting, the stain will begin to flow by itself.
Go over the spilled stain with a damp cloth and clean the wall with hot water last.

5) Vinegar & Detergent
Carpets in damp rooms occasionally get moldy.
So, how do you remove a mildew stain from the carpet?
The laundry detergent and vinegar you use at home will make your job easier to remove the mildew stain on the carpet.
Pour one or two spoons of laundry detergent on the mildew stain on or under the carpet and spray it with white vinegar.
After waiting for a while, clean the area with a wet cloth and let it dry.
With this method, mold stains on carpets are eliminated.

6) Toothpaste
You need a toothbrush and toothpaste that you don’t use to remove the obvious mildew stains on the wall.
Before starting the cleaning, if there are mold residues; you need to get these residues from the surface.
Squeeze some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and start brushing the mold-stained area.
Wait for 5 minutes after the brushing process is finished.
When you clean this area with a cloth soaked in hot water, you will observe that the mold stain on the wall is gone.

7) Soap
The power of soap to clean stains is on the agenda for mold stains this time! Here is that cleaning method:

You can clean the mildew stain that occurs on sensitive fabrics by using liquid soap. For this, it will be enough to pour some liquid soap on the surface and wipe it with a damp cloth.
Bar soap will work on harder fabrics and textures.
You can remove mold stains by using bar soap on floors such as carpets, coats, and sofas.

8) Adding Borax to Machine Wash
Borax can be tried in response to the question of how to remove mold stains that have penetrated the fabric.
Borax is the abbreviation for boric acid.
The history of borax found in sea water dates back to ancient times. Borax, which has been used in cleaning from past to present, also fights mold.
You can wash the laundry in the machine after mixing the borax you bought from the pharmacy or herbalist with water and applying it on the moldy laundry.