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How to Remove Milk Stain

How to remove milk stain? Milk stain is one of the most common types of stains. You can use natural methods to remove the milk stain, which has become a big problem especially in homes with children. Here are the milk stain removal methods that vary in line with different surfaces.

How to Remove Milk Stain on Clothes?

It is important to intervene directly to remove milk stains on clothes. However, this may be an exception for some types of fabrics. For example; If a milk stain occurs on clothes made of fiber mixture, wait a while and allow the milk stain to dry. After the milk stain on fiber blended fabrics dries, you can rinse with cold water and get the stain out.

How to Remove Milk Stain

In order to remove the milk stain that occurs on clothes that are not fiber mixture, you must first soak the clothes in cold water in a deep bowl. At this point, the main reason for using cold water is; to prevent hot water from making the stain worse. If the milk stain is in the form of milk burn, you need to increase the waiting time in cold water a little more.
You should pour a fabric cleaner or laundry detergent on the clothes waiting in cold water to soften the milk stain.
Then, you should put your garment, which has been removed from cold water, into the washing machine, taking into account the washing instructions, and wash it in a suitable program.

How to Remove Milk Stain on Carpet?

The first step of removing the milk stain on the carpet; As soon as the milk is poured on the carpet, it is to intervene in the stain and to carry out the necessary actions.
You should remove the excess milk spilled on the carpet with the help of a white paper towel and prevent the remaining milk from affecting the inner parts of the carpet.
Then you should dip a clean cloth in cold water and rub the stained area with buffer movements and soften the milk stain.
After performing the aforementioned operations, you should mix some dishwashing liquid and some water.
You should wipe the stained area several times by dipping a clean cloth into the mixture you have prepared.
You can repeat the wiping process several times, depending on the condition of the milk stain.
After completely removing the milk stain, you can rinse a clean cloth again by dipping it into a container filled with cold water.

How to Remove Cocoa Milk Stain?

Cocoa milk stain is a stain that requires a much more careful cleaning compared to plain milk stain. To remove the cocoa milk stain, you should apply some hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the stain.
After waiting for a certain time, you should wipe the stained area with a damp cloth.
Then you should rinse it with cold water and then wait a certain time for it to dry.
You can also benefit from a mixture of cold water and detergent when removing the cocoa milk stain. To remove the cocoa milk stain with detergent, you should mix cold water and some detergent in a large bowl and dip the stained clothing in this mixture.
After waiting for half an hour, you can remove the cocoa milk stain by wiping the stained area in your hand.

How to Remove Milk Stain on Baby Clothes?

Baby clothes are among the clothes with the most milk stains. You can remove stubborn milk stains that usually dry on baby clothes with lemon and baking soda.
First of all, you should pour some baking soda on the milk stain on the baby clothes that you wash in the machine.
Then you should squeeze a few drops of lemon onto the baking soda. Lemon squeezing should be continued until the carbonate on the milk stain foams up.
You should leave the baking soda and lemon mixture on the milk stain for about half an hour.
Then you should rinse the baking soda/lemon mixture with cold water.
After removing the baking soda and lemon from baby clothes, you can wash your baby’s clothes in the washing machine by selecting a suitable washing program.