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How to Remove Head Lice

How to Remove Lice Without Wearing Hair?

Lice are parasites that survive by sucking blood when they attach to human skin. Lice, which are usually seen in the hair of primary school children, can sometimes occur in adults as well. The fact that lice attract attention on the scalp is due to the oiliness of the hair. Head lice are more common on oily and unkept hair. It is common for lice to multiply in dirty, dusty, and germ-filled environments. For this reason, people living in crowded and unhygienic environments are more likely to get head lice.

How to Remove Head Lice

How to Remove Head Lice?

Rosemary oil
Mint oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Coconut Oil
Olive oil

Head lice, known as head lice, can also stay in certain areas of the eyebrows and body in some cases. During the days it stays in the body, it absorbs blood from the skin and continues to live. It is quite difficult to remove the head lice, which has 6 legs, from the skin by hand. Sometimes they go unnoticed because they are firmly attached to the skin. Head lice are visible to the naked eye and must be carefully examined to spot them.

There are some signs of head lice spreading throughout the body. Endless itching and irritation of the scalp can be a sign of lice. There are both medicated and natural methods to get rid of lice that occur at any age and period. You can consult your doctor and pharmacist for medicated methods. If you say how to clean lice in hair with natural methods; Here we will explain to you life-saving information in every home. Now let’s take a look at the information that those who say how to clean lice at home should read until the end!

How to Remove Head Lice? 9 Natural Solutions at Home

1) Rosemary Oil
For those who say how to clean lice, how to get rid of hair, rosemary oil, which brings a solution from the root, is recommended. Rosemary oil has a cleansing effect on the scalp and strands, so it should be used immediately in case of lice. The following procedure can be followed during the application to the hair:

By using rosemary oil alone, you can get rid of lice in a longer time. It is recommended that you use rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil at the same time for an effective solution.

Mix the 2 named oils in a bowl.
Apply to the roots of the hair with the help of a brush or comb.
Then mix your hair like shampoos and detangle using the lice comb.
Thanks to the fine tips of the lice comb, the lice on the wires will come to the comb.
Clean the comb frequently with a paper towel.
After cleaning your hair, you can take a shower and get rid of oil and lice completely.

2) Vaseline
Vaseline method is also very effective for those who say how to clean lice at home. Thanks to Vaseline, it is very easy to get rid of lice in your hair. Thanks to the structure of Vaseline, you can clean the lice formed on the hair strands and bottoms one by one:

For this, take Vaseline according to the length of your hair and feed it all over your hair.
If you have long hair, massage first the bottoms and then the ends with Vaseline in your palm.
After waiting for 10 minutes, finely comb all your hair with the help of a lice comb.
Start at the root and work your way down to the ends of the hair.
Then wash your hair well with the shampoo you always use.
Vaseline will help the hair lice to disappear and end.

3) Peppermint Oil
Thanks to peppermint oil, which has a distinctive sharp smell, you can clean the head lice. The methods you need to follow in order to clean the lice formed in the hair with the herbal method will be expressed as follows:

First, add 5-6 drops of peppermint oil into a bowl.
Pour 1 cup of apple cider vinegar over the peppermint oil.
Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the apple cider vinegar.
Massage this mixture into your hair and wait for 30-45 minutes.
When your time is up, use the lice comb to comb your hair well and get rid of lice.
At the end of all procedures, take a shower and wash your hair with shampoo.
Thanks to this method, your hair can be free from lice without fraying.

4) Aloe Vera Gel
The acid in the structure of aloe vera gel prevents lice from spawning and makes it easier for them to die on the scalp. You can easily get rid of lice by using this gel. If you say how to do it; You can pay attention to the items.

Apply enough aloe vera gel to your entire hair and wait 30 minutes.
In the meantime, the lice will die before your hair is damaged by the acid.
After the procedure, apply vinegar to your hair and comb it with a lice comb.
Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo to get rid of both substances and lice.
When every part of the hair is washed, you may notice that your hair is relaxed and free of lice.

5) Vinegar
When you say how to clean lice with apple cider vinegar, let us remind you that the method is very simple.

Mix the same amount of vinegar and drinking water in a bowl according to the length of the hair. For very long hair, 3 measures will suffice.
Massage your hair with the mixture of water. If you can, you can keep your hair in the bowl.
White vinegar is recommended for vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is also effective.
First, remove the vinegar water remaining in your hair for 30 minutes with a towel.
Then comb through every part of your hair using a lice comb.
At the last stage, you can revitalize your hair by taking a shower to wash your hair with shampoo.

6) Mayonnaise
Those who hear this method for the first time may say how to clean lice in hair with mayonnaise. Let’s be clear right away and explain another way to remove head lice at home. Since mayonnaise is an acidic liquid, it is used to destroy lice in the hair. 1 handful of mayonnaise is used for short hair, while a larger amount is recommended for long hair.

You should apply mayonnaise like a hair mask to every part of the hair and the bottoms.
After waiting for 30 minutes, comb the hair with a lice comb.
Afterwards, you can purify the mayonnaise with warm water and do the final wash with shampoo.
With this method, you can get rid of head lice using household materials.

7) Coconut Oil
Coconut oil, which helps to revitalize, clean and smell good hair, is now used to remove head lice. The following method can be followed to see the effect on head lice:

Make a mask for your hair by supplying natural coconut oil.
Wait for the mask to remain on the hair for 30 minutes.
Comb your hair in detail with the fine tips of the lice comb.
Then wash your hair in the shower with shampoo.
It is recommended to do this process 2 days in a row. Do not forget to do it 2 days in a row for deep cleaning.

8) Olive oil
If you have olive oil at home, you can use it to get rid of lice in your hair as soon as possible. To clean olive oil from hair, you can consider these recommendations:

Heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil for a few seconds.
Then pour 1 cup of lemon juice into the oil.
Apply the mixture you prepared to your hair as a mask. Let this mask stay on the hair for 30 minutes.
With the help of a lice comb, thoroughly comb every part of the hair and remove dead lice.
Then get in the shower and shampoo your hair. Clean your hair in the shower using a lice comb.
After washing it well with shampoo, you can see that the hair is clean.

9) Garlic
Thanks to the aroma and disinfecting power of garlic, head lice will be removed from the hair in a short time. We’ve listed the things you need to do to try this method:

Puree 1 handful of raw garlic and add 1 cup of lemon juice to it.
Crush the mixture you prepared until it reaches a creamy consistency.
Then apply it to your hair starting from the roots.
Wait for 1 hour for this mask to remain on your hair.
After the procedure, comb your hair with a lice comb and take a shower to wash with plenty of water.
First wash your hair with plenty of water and then use shampoo.
You can take a shower every morning to remove the smell of garlic in your hair for a few days.
Garlic instantly kills head lice and their eggs and helps to clean the hair.

What Does Head Lice Dislike?

Head lice and nits do not like strong-smelling materials. For this reason, in the methods we recommend to you, materials with odor have been used. In particular, lemon juice, garlic, peppermint oil and rosemary oil contain odors that lice do not like. Head lice that pick up these odors die within a few seconds and must be removed from the hair.

How Long Do Lice Live in a Pillow?

Lice can survive on the human body for up to 30 days. The human body can stay alive for 48 hours, except for its temperature and smell. If you want to clean lice in your room, you must have finished all cleaning before 48 hours. New lice may hatch from the eggs.