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How to Remove Foundation Stain

The foundation used to make the skin look smooth is a thin layered liquid cream. There are different color options according to the skin tone. Special foundations for blondes, brunettes, wheat-skinned and brown hair are carefully produced by cosmetic companies. It also plays a very important role in make-up materials.

How to Remove Foundation Stain?

Dishwashing Liquid
Shaving Foam
White Vinegar
Hair dryer

The foundation needed for make-up on the face and neck can sometimes drip onto the clothes or seat as a result of minor accidents. Even unexpected accidents can happen. For example, a foundation bottle may fall from your hand and scatter on the carpet.

How to Remove Foundation Stain

In such crisis moments, we will give you the answers to the question of how to remove foundation stain in order to combat the crisis in the best way possible. After mastering this subject, you can continue to make up with peace of mind.

How to Remove Foundation Stain? The 4 Easiest Methods

1) Dishwashing Liquid

The first answer we will give to the question of how to remove a foundation stain; There will be dish soap in everyone’s home. The power of dishwashing detergent to dissolve dirt and stains is very high. For this reason, it helps to easily remove the remaining foundation stain on fabric surfaces. Before cleaning, it is useful to remove the excess foundation on the surface. If you have taken too much cream; Now you can pour the dish soap and start cleaning. At this stage, it is recommended to follow this path:

Those who are wondering how to get rid of foundation stain with dishwashing detergent can rub the stained part with a warm cloth or sponge after pouring the detergent on the surface.
You can speed up the removal of the foundation from the fabric by brushing the entire stained area until it foams.
If it is spilled on a thick carpet or woolen fabric; You can also clean between the threads with a comb with a bristle brush.
Then you should take the cloth washed with cold water and wipe the foamy area.
You can rinse several times with cold water until the trace of foundation is gone.
If you say that foundation stains will come out of the clothes; You can first soften the clothes with dishwashing liquid.
Just soften the stained area and then wash it on the appropriate wash cycle.

2) Shaving Foam
This method is generally applied for powder and oil-free foundations. Thanks to shaving foam, it is very easy to remove foundation stains from surfaces. You just have to do the correct actions in order. Here are the foundation stain removal techniques with shaving foam:

Shaving foam is squeezed from a close distance to the stained area where the foundation is spilled.
Shaving foam is applied to the stained surface with the help of a toothbrush and brushed.
After waiting for an average of 10 minutes, the entire surface is wiped with a damp cloth.
The damp cloth is changed and the rinsing process is started with a cold cloth.
Especially for powder foundations, this method is widely applied as it creates a collecting effect.
You can try other techniques to clean oil-based foundations.
You can spray the shaving foam on the surface and wash it in the appropriate program to remove the stains on the clothes.

3) White Vinegar
We will offer a natural way to those who are worried about how to remove foundation stains from light-colored or multi-colored carpets. To remove the foundation stain on the carpet without using any chemical products, remove the bottle of white vinegar from the kitchen and see the miracle you will soon witness. Thanks to white vinegar, the foundation stain on the carpet can be cleaned in a short time.

Pour white vinegar on the foundation-stained area on the carpet. You should make sure that the vinegar has come over the entire stain.
White vinegar will soften the stained area and help it to be cleaned more easily.
Wet the sponge and try to wipe the stain with the sponge several times.
After the sponge process, pour cold water on the surface and finish the cleaning by removing the water with a damp cloth.
If you are going to use white vinegar for your fabric or clothes; Pour white vinegar on the area where the foundation touches, If you want, soak the fabric in warm water and white vinegar in a bowl.
Especially if you are thinking about how to remove foundation stain from the shawl that comes into contact with make-up; leave the shawl in a bowl. Add white vinegar and warm water to this bowl.
Wash the shawl, which has been soaked in water for 30 minutes, in the appropriate washing mode and start drying.
White vinegar will give effective results for many surfaces.

4) Blow Dryer
We will talk about the blow dryer method for those who use powder foundation while making up. Thanks to this method, powder foundation on fabrics and surfaces can be easily removed.

All you have to do is to blow dry on the fabric on the balcony or outdoors.
Thanks to the cold blow dryer, powder foundation will be easily cleaned. For the final step, you can wash on low.
Be careful not to blow hot air. Fabrics exposed to hot air may be damaged and powder foundation may melt. We can remind you that you need to be sensitive at this stage by saying “be careful”.