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How to Paint Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the indispensable elements to achieve a natural look in homes and workplaces. Sometimes, with the wooden furniture painting process, it is possible to change the colors of the furniture as you wish. Furniture painting is a job you can do alone and with a few simple steps.

If you have wooden furniture and want to renew it by painting it, our content on painting wooden furniture can help you. So let’s get started right away; how to paint wooden furniture Let’s try to give you the answer to this question, especially in order to change the colors of wooden balcony and garden furniture.

How to Paint Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture models usually have different colors according to the tree used. Sometimes, with some techniques used in the production of wooden furniture, varnishing and polishing, a different kind of color can be given to the wooden furniture. Light brown comes first among the colors in the wooden furniture catalogue. Furniture has a light brown color, especially if cherry wood was used in production. Below you can see what color different types of trees have. Thus, you can easily answer questions such as what color is the cedar wood furniture. Of course, for this, you first need to know the type of tree preferred for wooden furniture models.

1 – Wood Red (Brown – Light Red)
Furniture in wood red color is made of mahogany wood. Furniture made of mahogany wood has an ostentatious appearance. However, mahogany is an extremely valuable wood species.

2 – Honey Color (Brown – Yellow)
Honey-colored furniture is usually one of the dominant colors in furniture produced by processing pine wood. Today, pine wood, whose timber is light in color, is frequently used in furniture, which is preferred especially for gardens and balconies, and in children’s and youth rooms.

3 – Dark Brown (Chocolate Color)
Wooden furniture with dark brown color is made of walnut wood. Walnut wood is one of the most commonly used wood materials for furniture models today. Since walnut wood is durable, it is also frequently used in the production of interior wooden doors.

4 – Pale Wood Color (Ashen – Pale Brown)
Today, the timber of the hawthorn (ash) tree is preferred especially for the production of young room sets or baby room furniture. In the new generation furniture models, this color is one of the most preferred colors, because it is light in color, it adapts to minimalist decoration elements.

5 – Vivid Brown (Dark Brown – Orange – Red)
Brown is an important color for furniture production. Because this color represents quality and special shipments. Coffee, chocolate, cola, sugar (brown sugar) and most valuable spices are in this color. Furniture manufacturers use cedar wood to produce vibrant brown furniture.

6 – Very Light Brown (Pale Dark Brown)
Furniture models with this color are usually produced from the timber of the cherry tree. Cherrywood lumber can also be used for hardwood floors or wooden doors in the same color.

With wooden furniture painting, the colors of this type of furniture can be changed by the users or the manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers usually prefer black and white colors for furniture painting, which is suitable for almost any pastel tone in decoration. However, furniture painting is a job that you can do with your own means.

Things to Consider Before Painting Wooden Furniture

The first thing to consider before painting wooden furniture is a good preparation time. In addition, before moving on to the furniture painting process, you must make the right choice of color. In fact, you can often ask yourself, do I really need to paint wooden furniture models? Before proceeding with the furniture painting process, pay attention to the points listed below.

First you need to know if the wooden furniture you want to paint really needs it. Sometimes just varnishing or furniture polish can also change the color of things. Because color is often related to the light reflected from the object.
If you have decided to paint wooden furniture, first wipe and clean the item you want to paint. Rest assured that painting furniture will also require serious cleaning.
Do not neglect to make the necessary preparation, furniture painting is a long and difficult process. In this process, know that you need the necessary materials for painting, sanding, priming.
Wooden Furniture Painting is done with Acrylic Paint. Choose the right type of paint for the painting process.
In order not to damage other furniture and items during the furniture painting process, if possible, take care to do this work outdoors. Balloon, or better yet, a garden; After operations such as sanding, the surroundings can be seriously contaminated.
Never skip sanding and priming before painting. Let your tools such as sandpaper or sanding machine suitable for this be complete and complete.
After taking all the steps, proceed to the painting process. Do not forget to distribute the paint carefully and evenly on each part.
The furniture painting process can be followed by the varnishing – polishing process, for this you have to wait. We answered the question of how to remove the smell of polish on our blog.

How to Paint Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture paint is made by sanding and priming the surface of the furniture preferred to be painted. While you may need additional tools for both processes, you also need to take protective measures. For example, protective glasses, face masks, gloves are among the products of this type. After taking the steps listed above, you can proceed to the wood painting process. Be sure to consider the possibility that you may also need to perform polishing and varnishing operations after painting.

Sanding, one of the stages required for furniture painting, is required to remove the existing paint from the furniture. Thus, the surface becomes ready for the new color paint. If you skip this step for wood furniture painting, the paint will not stick on the surface.

Priming is also one of the important steps for painting furniture and has a similar function to sanding. In fact, remember that every step we have listed above is extremely important for painting wooden furniture, and be careful to follow the steps carefully.