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How to Do the AOA Seolhyun Diet?

How to Do the AOA Seolhyun Diet?

AOA Seolhyun Diet

Next up, AOA’s Seolhyun diet list! AOA’s Seol-hyun also resorted to her own diet to get a healthy and slim body like her current look! Before her debut with AOA at the time, Seol-hyun already had a good body shape. Even when she debuted with AOA, she still wanted to lose some weight.

So what was the AOA Seolhyun diet recipe? During the diet period, it reduces the meal portions and has its own diet menu; it was sweet potato! Another diet she used included chicken breast and boiled eggs, but she also followed a rather extreme diet.

When AOA’s Seol-hyun gained more weight, she would go on a liquid diet. What was that? The liquid diet was a diet in which he ate nothing but only drank liquids. It has been reported that she cried because she was very hungry during the extreme diet. The diet was really effective, but it also took a lot of bad risks for his body’s health. However, there are still some people who follow AOA’s Seol-hyun diet and also lose weight quickly.

However, in one of the episodes on Knowing Brothers in September 2018, Seolhyun revealed that the diet recipe that she also referred to online is not her actual diet. But it’s still been really popular over the years! She kept in shape and exercised a lot in simple ways like choosing chicken breasts instead of her meals!

About the Ailee Diet

Last, but not least, there’s a diet recipe from Ailee! A few years ago, Ailee was also on her own diet to lose weight. And it has been proven, he lost about 10 kg in just one month! But he still had a challenge and revealed the state of his body at the time as well.

Basically, Ailee’s diet was a bit extreme. Some of the keys to the dieting process were strict diet and calorie intake. In her diet, Ailee only consumed 500 calories a day from protein such as shrimp, meat, chicken breast or crab. He also supplemented his diet with vegetables and a piece of fruit every day.

She felt unhappy during the dieting process because she had to suppress her hunger, which made her unable to perform perfectly on stage. After successfully losing weight, she decided not to continue the diet.

The Ailee diet was really famous because it only ate 500 calories a day but continued to eat protein and vitamins. That’s why many people are interested in following the diet menu!

K-Pop Diets: Extreme or Not?

K-Pop idols’ diets are getting really famous among people as they can help people lose weight in a short time. However, the diet plans of most K-Pop idols were kind of overkill, although there were some idols who followed a healthy diet.

People have seen significant transformations of K-Pop idols who keep their diets. It has been proven that they can have a good body shape. But actually, there is a lot of struggle and hard time going through the process. For idols who eat healthy, they may not feel many ill effects.

By the way, those who suffered from extreme diets must have felt the ill effect. One of the effects of extreme diets is hair loss, just as actress Kim Shin-young experienced when she was on an extreme diet. Or just like Lee Tae-im, he had hearing loss and his body was shaking from his extreme diet.

That was all the information about the diets of K-Pop idols! Even though K-Pop idols have managed to lose weight in such a short time, some have gone on extreme diets to do so. Please note that each diet is at its own risk, as they all have their own types of diets. Make sure you choose wisely which type of diet best suits your personality and body needs!