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How to Clean the Bed

Mattress Cleaning: The Easiest and Fastest Method at Home

The mattresses, which are the witness of the healthiest sleep and rest moments, are exposed to stains such as sweat and dirt as a result of long-term use. In order to remove these unwanted stains from the mattress, frequent mattress cleaning is required. Dead skin, sweat, dirt and invisible dust from clothes settle in every corner of the bed.

How to Clean the Bed

Do you want to have a clean mattress without using chemicals when it comes to mattress cleaning? By using products that will not harm your skin, you can see your mattress as clean as the day you bought it. For this, we will give you the answers to the question of how to clean the bed at home.

Carbonated cleaning, which has become very popular among mattress cleaning methods in recent years; It will also make your beds spotless. Bed stain cleaning has never been so easy, the most practical method will guide you in these lines. Here is bed cleaning at your home with the power of baking soda and vinegar!

How to Clean Mattress with Carbonate?

Regardless of the size of your bed; You can clean it with baking soda.
Provide plenty of baking soda to clean your single or double beds that you use for a long time.
First of all, take all your belongings on the bed to another place and empty the bed.
Separate the sheets and mattress from the bed for general cleaning.
Sweep the entire mattress with the broom before cleaning the mattress with baking soda.
Get a fine mesh strainer and pour all the baking soda you have into the strainer while on the bed. Then sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface.
Depending on the size of the bed, the amount of baking soda you need can be up to 1-2 cups.
If you do the bed cleaning with baking soda in the morning; wait until evening and have the entire bed surface cleaned.
If you are doing the cleaning process during the day, you can wait for an average of 3 hours.
Sweep the entire bed surface thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner to keep the bed clean and free of bacteria.
It is recommended that you sweep at a high setting. Thus, you can vacuum the dust and dirt inside the mattress by providing more vacuuming.
You can try carbonate mattress cleaning for all types of mattresses.
You can complete bed cleaning at home by trying this cleaning idea, which is also very effective for wool beds.
No wet application is required for this process. However, if you have a very meticulous nature; After all stages, you can wipe all parts of the bed with a damp cloth.

How to Clean Stains on Bed?

To remove the stain formed in any part of the bed; You will use carbonate again.
This time, vinegar will be added to the process you will do.
Add baking soda, vinegar and water to a bowl. Mix all the ingredients.
Pour the prepared liquid onto the stain and wait for 10 minutes.
Now, wipe the stained surface with a soft sponge.
Vinegar and baking soda will interact to help you clean the strongest stains in the mattress.

How to Eliminate Bad Odors in Bed?

Sweat and prolonged use can sometimes cause bad odors in the bed. You can use baking soda and lavender oil to remove these odors.
Add 1 tablespoon of lavender oil and baking soda into a bowl. Add 2 glasses of warm water to these ingredients and mix.
Now, with the help of a sponge, take this water into the sponge and wipe all parts of the bed with this sponge.
When cleaning the carbonate bed; Lavender oil will also help remove bad odors in the bed.
Orange, mint, lemon and thyme oils are also recommended for those who do not prefer lavender oil. You can choose any of the essential oils and add them to the cleaning water.

It is recommended that you use your mattress upside down every week so that odors do not take up space in the mattress. Don’t forget to ventilate your room frequently.