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How To Clean Television, Laptop, Monitor Screen

How to Clean the Screen of Technological Devices?
With the developing technology, the number of devices in our home and in our hands has also started to increase. Many homes now have televisions, computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Due to work and living conditions, the screen of these devices also gets dusty in a short time. Even irritating finger stains sometimes do not go unnoticed. So, how should cleaning be done when using technological screens?

What is done to clean the screens of digital goods? If you meet the answers to these questions; You can use your belongings in a more hygienic way. In addition, screen cleaning extends the life of products. In line with this information, we will answer the question of how to clean the laptop, monitor, tablet and television screen here.

How To Clean Television, Laptop, Monitor Screen

Those who think about how to clean the TV screen full of stains during house cleaning, those who get stressed about how to clean the laptop screen when starting to work, those who wonder how to clean the frequently used phone screen will gather on a single page and find the answers they are looking for here. Because we will give tips to those who want to clean these items in a practical way. Here’s what you need to know to clean screens without damaging them!

How to Clean Television, Laptop, Monitor Screen?

1) Always Use Microfiber Cloth
Before answering the question of how to clean the plasma tv screen, let us remind you that you should always have a microfiber cloth at hand.
Microfiber cloths have a structure that prevents scratching of glass and led screens.
It instantly removes dust and helps to easily clean the liquid materials used from the screen.
It is not recommended to use old clothes or kitchen cloths at this stage. You can clean the screen with microfiber cloths that you can obtain from the markets.

2) Use Vinegar Water When Detergent Is Not Available
It is recommended to use detergent for those who ask how to clean the plasma television screen. However, in some moments, you may not have detergent at hand.
In cases where there is no detergent, mix white vinegar with some water and slightly dip your microfiber cloth in this water.
Squeeze the water out of the cloth and keep the cloth moist. If you wish, you can pour the vinegar-water mixture into the spray bottle and spray it on the cloth.
You may notice that the screens shine after cleaning.

3) Remove Stains with Gentle Motions
Those who say how to clean the monitor screen should be calm while cleaning. If you try to wipe the screen with quick movements, you may damage the quality of the screen.
It is recommended to go over the stains with very gentle touches and wipe them.
You can wipe the screen frame and top according to your possibilities and wait for it to dry.
You can touch the old and hard-to-see fingerprint stains with detergent a few times. When the stain softens, you can wipe it using your microfiber cloth.

4) Avoid Acidic and Alcoholic Detergents
When it comes to how to clean a computer screen, you should definitely avoid detergents containing acid and ethyl alcohol.
Thanks to natural detergents, you can protect your technological device by extending the life of the screen.
If you use materials such as cologne, acetone, degreaser, bleach for screen cleaning; You may cause the color to turn on and the LEDs to burn.
You should remember this information when cleaning the screen.

5) Evaluate Professional Materials
When you say how to clean the Macbook screen, cleaning products are also recommended to you when you buy your device.
Various sprays that you will use for the display are also sold in technology stores.
You can buy these products once and use them for a long time. It is also possible to use the recommended professional cleaning products more comfortably thanks to the microfiber cloth.
If you want to be sensitive when cleaning large TV, monitor and laptop screens, you can buy specially produced detergents.

6) Spray Detergents on the Cloth, Not the Screen
To clean the screen of your devices, do not spray the detergent or vinegar water in your hand directly onto the screen.
It would be more appropriate to clean the screens by squeezing a microfiber cloth.
If you spray the liquid materials directly on the screen and go over it with a cloth; You may cause more staining.
Liquid detergents, applied in a thin layer with the cloth, help the screens shine and clean.

7) Wait for a while for the screen to dry
All screens were cleaned, the slightly damp appearance remained, and it dried in seconds.
So, when should the cleaned screen be opened? Sometimes you can act hastily and start cleaning while devices are running. However, let’s say that this process is not correct.
For screen cleaning, it is recommended to unplug the devices and dry after cleaning.
When the drying process is finished, you can open your devices to use.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard?

If you are constantly working at the computer during the day; or if you have started using a computer left over from someone else, it is recommended to clean the laptop keyboard under hygienic conditions as soon as possible. Since bacteria will enter the body through hands and mouth, you need to be sensitive about this.

If you work at the laptop all the time and drink coffee and tea and touch your face with your hands; We can say that you are very close to the diseases. If you care about laptop keyboard cleaning; You can build a wall between you and diseases.

So, how to clean laptop keyboards? Let’s inform like this:

You can always have wet wipes containing disinfectant with you. With these wet wipes, you can wipe the keypad with the laptop turned off before you start working.
With the laptop turned off, you can do a short dusting session with the ear buds. Wet wipes will also help you in this dusting job.
Wrap the wet tissue on the ear bud and wipe the finest points and details one by one. Thus, you can get rid of the dust hidden in the middle.
Avoid using watery and oily substances during cleaning. Wet and oily materials damage the structure of the keys and affect the life of the laptop.
By using air pressure cleaning apparatus, you can clean the laptop by applying air to the keys while the laptop is closed.