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How to Clean Fish – Fish Cleaning Methods

You love to eat fish and make fish… Well, how to clean fish? How to fillet fish? Here are the step-by-step methods of cleaning fish at home.

You can also buy cleaned fish from the fisherman, but usually small fish are cleaned at home by the people themselves. So, how to clean fish? Here are ways to clean different fish.

How to Clean Fish – Fish Cleaning Methods

How to Clean Small Fish?

There is no need for a knife when cleaning scaleless and small fish. You can clean the fish by holding the fish in your left palm and tearing off the head of the fish with the index and thumb of your right hand and then inserting your thumb into its stomach and slicing it open. Then you need to wash it thoroughly with plenty of water.
You can leave the fish with bones or fillet according to the food you are cooking or your desire. For this procedure, it is necessary to carry your finger, which you have slit through the abdomen, to the tail, without removing it, and then gently move the bone back and forth to remove it with soft movements. Because these fish are small, there is usually no need to separate the fillets from each other. You can use fillets open or closed.

How to Clean Sardines?

Although sardines are scaly fish, they are extracted by the same method. But before weeding, you can scrape off the scales with your fingers. There is no need to use a knife for this process, because the scales are large and soft, they are separated by finger contact.

How to Clean Mackerel, Mackerel?

Medium-sized and scaleless fish such as mackerel, scallops, horse mackerel and bluefish should be cleaned with a knife. After making a small cut on the anus with a knife, the belly of the fish is split and the internal organs are taken out and the belly is cleaned. In the meantime, it is necessary to remove the gills by plucking them. The inside and head of the cleaned fish should be thoroughly washed with plenty of water, and the black membranes and blood clots around the abdomen should be thoroughly cleaned with the tip of a knife.

How to Clean Acorn?

It is not necessary to completely slit the belly of fish such as bonito and toric. With a deep knife cut on it, the intestines are separated from the body. The abdomen is slit a little and all of the internal organs are taken out with the tip of a knife. You can chop fish such as bonito and toric in two ways; slicing or filleting. If you are going to make a pan or stew, you can cut the fish into 1 finger (2 to 2.5 cm) thick slices.

How to Remove Fish Fillet?

For baked fish it is better to remove the fillet. In order to fillet, it is necessary to start from the tail part of the fish and divide the fish in two parallel to the fishbone.
Since there is not much in the head of the acorn and toric, you can cut it off with its tail. If you are going to make lackerda from these fish, the thickness of the slices should be doubled, that is, at least 4 cm.
Fish such as bonito, mackerel and scallops are not large enough, so slicing or filleting is not done. However, gypsy acorns can be opened to both sides without cutting the back skin by completely slit their abdomen.
Fish with scales, on the other hand, need to be stripped of their scales first. For this process, it is necessary to lay the fish and hold it by the tail and rub the knife on both sides a few times.
It is necessary to keep the knife upright so that the skin and meat of the fish are not damaged and the fish is not cut. Cleaning the internal organs is just like the acorn. Depending on the size of the fish and the meal to be made, it is left whole or filleted.

How to Clean Fish for Stewing?

If you want to make stewing, you can cut it into thick slices. According to the size of the bluefish, the coffin must be filleted. Since the yellow wing is the smallest of the bluefish, it is left whole by being scratched with a knife along both sides. There is no need to even draw a chinakop. The heads of fish such as bluefish, bluefish, yellow wing, codfish, sea bass, sea bream and especially suitable for soup such as swallow, orphan, adabeyi and scorpionfish are not cut off.

What is a Jumpsuit Sticker?

Especially the cheeks and brains of the fish in the first group are very delicious. The skin of some fish with or without scales is quite thick. For example, such as dengue or sole fish. You can completely remove the skin of these fish. This process is called coverall removal. In this case, it is necessary to insert the tip of your knife under the skin from the tail part and separate it a little, then grab it from there and pull it upwards slowly. If necessary, you can help to remove the overalls with your knife. After these procedures, the blood flowing profusely should be cleaned.