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How to Clean a Dish Sponge

Dish sponge, which is frequently used in kitchen and house cleaning, is one of the materials that make life easier. Dish sponges, which provide the necessary hygiene in bench cleaning, sink cleaning and dishwashing, have become even more used thanks to the color and variety production of the brands.

These practical materials, which have a very low economic value, are one of the helpers in your home. The hygiene of the dish sponge, which can get dirty quickly, should be maintained. Easy cleaning methods are recommended to ensure hygiene. Now let’s examine these cleaning methods with you.

For those who say how to clean a dish sponge, different cleaning tips are available on this page. See what is recommended to use the dish sponge cleanly and for a long time.

How to Clean a Dish Sponge

How to Clean a Dish Sponge?

1) Soak in Bleach
Dish sponge is exposed to various dirt during the day. One way to remove these dirt and dish oils from the sponge is to soak the sponge in bleach.
Fill a container with water and add a few drops of bleach to the water.
Soak the sponges in this water for 5 minutes.
Sponges should dry in the sun after waiting in bleach. You can filter the water absorbed by the sponge and dry it by a window or in the open air.
You can continue to use the grease-free dish sponge in a clean way.

2) You Can Throw It In The Dishwasher
You can easily clean the sponge in the dishwasher in a short time.
The high temperature of the dishwasher is effective enough to destroy the dirt and germs on the sponge.
After a heavy oily dish cleaning, you can add innovation by throwing your dish sponge into the machine.

3) Microwave Oven Cleaning Method
Another way to clean a sponge is to soak it in intense steam. You can try this method in the microwave.
First, wash the dish sponge thoroughly with hot water.
Then heat for 1 minute in a microwave oven set at 90 degrees.
When the microwave time is over, you can see that the sponge is also cleaned.
Do not forget to clean the inside of the microwave oven after cleaning.

What to Use Instead of Dish Sponge?

If you are tired of cleaning with a sponge in the kitchen, you can benefit from specially produced brushed gloves. When you wear these gloves on your hand, you can see that there are brush tips on the palm.
Another suggestion for those who do not want to use dish sponges is cleaning brushes. With the short-handled and soft-tipped cleaning brushes, you can easily clean products such as porcelain, steel and glass.
Silicone sponges are one of the most frequently sold products recently. Cleaning these silicone sponges is also very practical. You can make your kitchen utensils and sink look immaculate with silicone sponges.