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How to Choose the Bed – What is the Bed Expiration Date

How to Choose the Bed – What is the Bed Expiration Date

The maximum lifetime of the bearings is seven years. According to researches, well-used beds that are turned over once a month can be used for up to seven years. However, bed cleaning and hygiene rules are among the factors that directly affect the life of the mattresses.

It is now known by everyone that mattresses directly affect the health of the body. In this direction, it is very important to choose a mattress suitable for your body when choosing a mattress. The duration of use of mattresses that directly affect the health of the back, spine and waist area also directly affects your health.

That’s why you need to change your mattresses every six to eight years. Not changing your mattress when the time comes can cause health problems. It is useful to pay special attention to the quality and comfort of your mattress where you spend almost a third of our lives. A comfortable bed is the key to a good start to the day, relieving fatigue and a healthy life.

When should the bed be changed?

The average lifetime of a mattress varies between six and eight years. Of course, the most important factor affecting this situation is the materials used in the construction of your mattress. If your mattress is made of quality materials and you regularly maintain your mattress, you can use your mattress for up to eight years.

The key to a healthy life is good sleep. A good bed is a must for a good sleep. Everyone’s sleeping habits, bed hardness, and pillow heights may differ. Some people say that hard beds are more comfortable, others like soft beds. The most suitable choice is mattresses that fully support our body.

Prolonged use of bearings causes deformations. You should not use mattresses with hollow, bumpy, damaged springs or with collapsed sponges. If you have such a problem in your mattress and you continue, you may experience problems in the long term, if not in the short term. If we are to sort the milk that your bed will need;

What are the Conditions that Affect the Life of the Bed?

There are more than one factor that affects the lifetime of your mattress. The most important of these factors is the quality of the mattress you have purchased. Choosing a quality mattress promises both a healthy sleep and a long-lasting use. It is useful to remind you not to compromise on quality when purchasing a mattress. Mattresses using high quality materials directly affect the immune system and a good sleep. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. For this reason, we have to choose the mattress very carefully. Making a choice that is not quality and comfortable may cause you to face health problems in the long run. In order to avoid these and similar problems, determining your needs and choosing the best quality in line with your needs can even help you save money in the long run.

Since every person’s sleeping habits, weight and the properties they look for in the bed change, the material quality of the mattresses varies accordingly. This situation directly affects the service life of the mattress.

Another issue that affects the duration of use is that the body weight is not distributed in a balanced way. If you do not spread your weight evenly throughout the mattress, structural defects may occur in your mattress in a short time. Crashes will occur on the side you use frequently. This will result in the loss of the properties of your mattress. You can move your bed as a head / foot every six months, or if it is a two-sided mattress, you can turn it inside out.

What Should You Pay Attention To To Extend Bed Life?

You found a bed according to your needs, and you paid attention that it was produced with quality materials. Now everything is ready for a good sleep. But from now on, there are a few points you should pay attention to in order to use your mattress for a long time.

Air out your bedroom every day.
Pay attention to the hygiene of your bed. Periodically clean your mattress.
Change your bed linens and bedding frequently and wash them at high temperatures.
Another factor that directly affects the longevity of the mattress is that you use a protective cover. Remember, too, that you should wash your bed linen regularly at a high temperature.
Do not collect your mattress immediately on hot summer days and when you sweat. Leave it open with the sheets outside. Thus, you will ensure that your mattress is both ventilated and sweat dry. This will prevent bacteria from reproducing in your mattress.

When you take these precautions, you can extend the life of your mattress. Of course, among the factors you should pay attention to here, the cleanliness of your bed stands out. If you do not have information about how to clean your mattress, you can access this information from the user manual or contact the manufacturer and get information.